Added to the list of things that give me a moments pause…

Walking through the door to the house to find a significant number of interior walls gone. And a big pile of rubble in the middle of the living room.


Once I got done with the semi-hysterical laughing– you know, Hahahaha…haha..ha….ha… ohdeargod– I decided I liked it better this way.


Kind of has a sense of openness, doesn’t it? Oh, wait. That’s because all the walls are gone.


That’s my future kitchen you’re looking at. Try not to be jealous. You know you want a kitchen with half a torn-down wall in the middle of it.


Looking at two bedrooms and study from the living room. There is one wall in here that has to move, one that has to be built around the kitchen, and then basically we’re done. We’ll be doing that framing ourselves. That is, after the crew puts the ceiling joists they accidentally ripped out back in. Overeager prybar-weilding demolition crew… what are you gonna do?

And, hey, that looks like a good spot for the fridge…


I’m actually reveling in the destruction. With the Garrison house it was all about preserving the natural character and staying true to the home. At Memorial we’re using sledgehammers to bang this thing into our vision, whether it likes it or not.

Word on the street is that the windows will be in by Wednesday. Wanna take bets?

I’m hopeful because I’m a little tired of talking about what other people are doing on my website. And donkeys. Enough with the donkeys.


Oh, who the hell am I kidding? You can never have too many miniature donkeys in your life. You’re welcome for that dose of Cute today.

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  1. As I was scrolling down the post, saw the pics of the cuties, hadn’t yet seen the last few sentences, I was going “NOOOOOOOOOOOO, want to keep seeing donkeys!!!!” Whew! You had me there for a minute.

    As for the all that rubble in the middle of your house, well, let the other people clean up their mess, then you can tell us all about what you’re gonna do with what’s left! 😉

  2. OMG! That little white one is the size of a dog and the cutest thing I have ever seen! 🙂

  3. That first pic: eyes wide, jaw dropped, “holy shit” coming out of my mouth. TOTALLY know how that feels. That pile is quite impressive.

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