Rough Framing: Day 6 – Things You Don’t Want to See Together




The roof on the existing house (2x4s that were sistered together on the top 3 feet) was not adequate, so it had to come down sometime. Perhaps the day before we were expecting 72 straight hours of rain was not the best day for that bit of inevitability to occur, but in construction– as in life–you get what you get. No sense in bitching about it after the fact.

Does anyone know what the opposite of a rain dance is? I could use one of those.

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  1. Oh man…been there! When we tore off our roof several years ago we did it in August because that is always the driest month of the year. Then, of course, one night the forecast called for rain so we had to hoist the most gigantic blue tarp over our whole house. And then…no rain. Hopefully, the same will be true for you!

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