We’ve been wondering since we brought the donkeys back in April whether or not we had a baby donkey on the way. Miniature donkey gestation is 11-1/2 – 13 months, so… we’ve still got a wait.

It doesn’t stop us from gauging the bellies of our little long-ears.

PJ seems to have a little belly…

Lulu, not so much.

What do you think? Here are some comparison shots…

An obviously ready-to-pop donkey:


A donkey that has already had her baby because, hello, it’s standing right next to her. Also, I just about die from the cute every time I see this picture.


Technically one, both, or neither of the memorial miniature donkeys could “be bred” as MysteryMan’s grandpa put it. PJ is two months older than Lucy so we never know if she’s just bigger just because she’s older, or if there’s a little something else going on.

We figure February would be the earliest we’d be seeing any babies, but I really hope our girl(s) would hold out longer than that. So what do you think… do we have a donkey bump or two? Or is someone just spending a little too much time at the hay bale?

Sigh. They grow up so fast.


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  1. Yes, I think you have a donkey baby on the way. I’ll be here when you want name suggestions, guessing the birth date (a tool raffle perhaps?) and just generally drooling over the cuteness.

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