Well Hello There, Gorgeous.

The good news is, after six weeks pondering the mysteries of trim and siding, and being derailed by things like rain and our own stupidity, we now finally have some siding on the house.


The unfortunate thing is that snapping the lines for the studs and putting six rows of siding on one of the short sides of the house basically took us all day yesterday.

Which I think means the entire house will be sided in approximately never.

I finally lost the last shred of my patience when three of those small pieces next to the window snapped on me in a row, but looking at it this morning, that siding sure is pretty.

Mark that down as one house decision I definitely don’t regret.

(But I have to pick out all the light fixtures for the house this week, so the winning streak probably won’t last long.)

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  1. It’s like everything else. You will flounder before you swim. But once you learn the rhythm of it, you’ll be fine. You should have no problem getting the siding up before the snow flies, and that will give you all winter to agonize over the interior details.

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