Like Movie Stars, But Dirtier

So back in September I kept teasing you guys, saying I was working on a fun project in conjunction with Old House Web and I’d tell you all about it in just a few days, and now four months later I’m prepared to end the suspense. You’ve been sitting on the edge of your seats, right?

Well here’s the deal, I’ve made a few videos with my own particular brand of… what’s that word people use? Oh, quirkiness. It’s okay everyone, you can just call me crazy. (You can check out my picnic table bench building video here.)

So… OHW saw them and asked me to do a few videos on various aspects of building to be featured on their website. The first of four has just been published, and now you can see how MysteryMan and I just barely refrained from killing each other on camera while trimming our windows this Summer.

Trim- Med res from kitliz on Vimeo.

You can read the accompanying article on Old House Web, here. And see my step-by-step tutorial on trimming out the windows, here.

Hope you enjoyed that little peek into our lives. More to come soon(ish).

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  1. The author covered several engaging things in this article. I found it by using Bing and I must admit that I am now subscribed to the website, it is quite decent 😉

    1. You know, I think I do… I have this feeling I caught him pushing me over when we were working on the siding video, but I haven’t gone through all the footage yet. lol

  2. I had to show this to my husband and father – they both laughed so hard because I hammer the exact same way. This was particularly true when I was hammering in quarter round next to the hardwood floors we just refinished. Who wants to potentially mess up what they just worked so hard to complete? Not me…I’ll just hit each nail fifty times instead…dink, dink, dink, dink…

    1. Kristy, this is so funny. I have to say I’ve gotten to be a much better hammerer since then (hand nailing 2000 square feet of siding will do that to you!) But you’re exactly right, MysteryMan has no fear, but I don’t want to dent the wood so it took me a while to get comfortable whacking the nail hard enough to actually drive it in.

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