A. Lot. Of. Tile.

That’s what my life consists of these days. A lot of tile and a little sleep. The trade-off is that the shower in the full bathroom is looking much more like a shower, and less like something that makes me scream in horror.


Rest assured that sound you hear is not a scream of horror, but me doing a lot of jumping around and shouting for joy because one day soon I’ll be showering in a room other than the garage.

Originally the decision to go with 4″ square tiles in a brickwork pattern instead of subway tiles was financially motivated, since they were a few bucks less per square foot. But I’m actually really enjoying the shape of them… they remind me of the stone wall of an old english cottage.

Which is appropriate since they are English tiles. Winchester tiles, to be exact, in the canvas color. I feel compelled to share that in case anyone else has spent 15 hours and two bottles of red wine pulling their hair out doing this:

(The whole story is here.)

The hardest part of this project to date– other than spending 15 hours in a bathtub– was attaching the corner shelves. You can see I tried (unsuccessfully) taping them in place while the thinset dried, and then resolved to stand in the tub holding the shelf in place for 45 minutes. Except my ass is glued to a chair all day during the week, so on the weekends I’m like a kid that just sniffed a pixie stick, which means I got real creative real fast so that I didn’t have to stay in one spot for more than 5 minutes.


Yes, that actually worked. And no, I didn’t actually expect it to… but desperate times and all that.

So I just have one more row of field tile on the bottom, the standing river-rock I’m using on the sides of the tub and then I’m so done standing in an itty bitty space tiling!

Oh… wait…



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