Concrete Bathroom Counters: In Progress

After yesterday’s teaser, I figured I better let you have an in-progress look at the counters. I decided to give concrete a try because I didn’t want to add another type of tile in the room, granite was ridiculously expensive and didn’t match the current tile, and I ran out of other options. Also I’m a concrete person at heart and will probably end up doing this for the kitchen counters as well.

It starts with forming up the future counter and putting reinforcement in place.


There was a lot of help from a Master of All Things Concrete when they were poured, which is the only reason they look as good as they do.


This was the first counter any of us had done though, and we didn’t pour the mix quite wet enough, or vibrate the sides as long as we should have. Luckily the Concrete Master was able to patch things up.


As the concrete cures it has lightened up a lot (as you would expect) and we’ve been waiting to see if we like the color with just a clear coat over it, which would look something like this.


I don’t think the grays are quite right, so I’ve ordered a tan water-based stain to try out.

I do really like the way it looks though, and I’m going to use some of that tumbled marble tile for the backsplash.


The area around the tub and the shower bench also needs to be done, and I’m hoping someone will let me try my hand a concrete finishing for one of those.

Anyone else tried concrete counters?


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  1. oh, man….those look good. i have always wanted to try concrete counters. i have a house i am rehabbing right now that i have thought about it. how close are you to illinois? LOL i can give you a job when you are finished there.

  2. The counter looks great! I am actually getting ready to pour a concrete counter in a master bath remodel. How long did you wait before removing the frame? I read that I should wait 4 days, but that seems too long.

  3. Can’t wait to see how the counters turn out!

    This weekend we are gutting our upstairs bathroom so I’ve been reading up on a lot of DIYDiva tutorials to get geared up!

  4. More pictures please! And if you want to give a step by step based on all your internet reading, that would be fine too. I’ve been trying to convince my partner that concrete counters are the way to go… and your opinion holds significant weight over mine. 🙂

  5. Love it. I think the only reason i get out of bed in the morning is to read this blog….well and to get to work on time.

    You guys rock, really. I admire how your not afraid to tackle something, something you never have done before and still come out rocking it.


    1. I agree, this has become my favorite blog. I am always excited when you’ve posted. I would never trust myself to do half the stuff you do! Looks awesome!

  6. I’m planning on diying concrete counter tops in the kitchen, and we are going to try for a dark polished glossy look. I thought it was interesting that you poured them directly onto where they will stay. I’ve always seen them cure in a molding and then transferred to their final destination. This gave me something to think about (and google). oh and note to self: be sure to vibrate the sides long enough. Thanks!

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