Weekend Work

It’s not going to be too long before outdoor work is going to require three layers of long-underwear and my awesome (yet gender neutralizing) Carhartt bibs. So that’s something to look forward to when the temps get around, you know, forty, but until then I’m making the most of the mild Autumn weather with projects like this:


Those are the Master Bathroom doors, by the way, which haven’t been actually hanging on their hinges doing the things that doors should do — like blocking the direct line of site from the driveway to the commode– for three or four months now. The good news is I’m just a few pieces of door trim away from needing to try to hide behind four sheets of toilet paper if unexpected visitors come over. The improvement in quality-of-life cannot be overstated.

Also going on outside, more wood is up on the porch ceilings and looking fabulous.


And, for the first time ever you can walk around the front porch at night without fear of tripping on a stray piece of lumber and chipping a tooth. (I don’t know why I picked “chipping a tooth” but it seemed like a feasible example of something that could happen to me on any given day.)


It’s been about a year since I first thought getting some exterior lights on the house might be one of those things that improves my relationship with gravity. I had all kinds of fancy ideas there, but MysteryMan prevailed with a “simpler is better approach” and I think he picked just the right thing.

As you might have guessed by my last post, I’m dividing what time I have on the weekends between finishing up things on the Memorial House and searching for a new big project. This weekend I checked out something completely different from that last one.


This, my friends, is a blank slate. The reason why I’m considering it is because it’s a donkey friendly blank slate. It also happens to be located not too terribly far from my new friends Katy and Brandon at the Turtle House, and since I was so close I had to stop by and get the grand tour of their big project. For anyone who is unfamiliar, they bought a house that had been siting vacant for 10 years and looked like this:

(image via Turtle House)

And were crazy enough had the vision to see it could look like this:

(image via Turtle House)

So a couple after my own heart, for sure. The house is going to be all kinds of awesome when it’s done, and it was fabulous to meet some Internet friends in real life, who didn’t even look at me the slightest bit strangely when I showed up unshowered and slightly high on paint fumes. Which means all-in-all I’d call it a pretty successful weekend.

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  1. (a) Those doors are totally gorgeous;
    (b) I think we picked almost the exact same lights for over the garage, but in a different finish;
    (c) I had a blaaaast meeting you on Saturday and I can’t wait to hang out again soon (brewery!). Also it’ll be rad when you move next door and the dogs and donkeys can be BFFs. xo

  2. Those doors are looking great! I love blank slates – total freedom to design, create, have just what I want – whether it’s acreage of land or a blank, boring wall! I believe you can build a new home from scratch, Kit!

  3. I was going to comment on your last post about houses you didn’t buy that you could take a sabbatical and come out to Colorado to work your magic on our 100-year-old farmhouse, but seeing the blank slate with donkey potential is pretty exciting!

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