I Paid For Something Covered In Chicken Poop & Other Things That Make Me Laugh

I’m still working on the plans for Hillside Cottage, but one thing I know for sure is that I won’t have a closet quite the size of this gorgeous thing (or Narnia, for that matter) in the new place, and I’ve been preparing for that by thrifting around for a good dresser in need of some love.

Which, of course, means I bought an old poop-covered chicken cage this week.

Yes. Somehow those things are related.

Even more awesome than the fact that I found this thing and paid money for it was that at the time my car was full of a load of boxes, which means I had to wedge it between the passenger and driver’s seat in my car, and drive thirty minutes with my arm around the cage like I was taking it out on a date.

Don’t worry, I showered after.

So while I still don’t have anywhere to store my unmentionables, as soon as the big 6″ casters I ordered arrive, I will have one heck of a coffee table. Merry Christmas to me.

And speaking of furniture, the current projects on my 5 Project List almost all fall into that category:

  1. Chicken Coop Coffee Table
  2. Paint end tables
  3. Pipe Dream Bed
  4. Paint (or build) new vanity
  5. Finish tool boxes

I’ve got a few days off before Christmas that I’m supposed to use to start uh, finish my Christmas shopping, but how much do you want to bet I end up hauling 150 pounds of gas pipe home from Lowe’s instead?

(Don’t take it, it’s a sucker bet.)

It looks like I’m not the only one with projects on the brain, either. I recently stumbled across items from DIYdiva that have been posted on Pinterest, and some of the captions were absolutely cracking me up…

Mom Taxi Julie, I know you comment here sometimes and that was absolutely priceless. And yes, fix the stupid washer hose!

I think actually it’s the board name “Oh so practical” that gave me the chuckle here, because I know it’s sarcasm, and yet, I can come up with at least ten practical reasons to have a hidden room behind one of your closets. #1 Zombie shelter. Enough said.

Yes. Yes you do need power tools Mikaela. Go buy some. (There’s really nothing quite like spreading the addiction.)

All I have to say to this is never say never.

I love this because I totally get it. “In all my spare time” like, if I had spare time, I should be doing 531 more important things than uniformly labeling the damn spice jars. And yet it’s so compelling, isn’t it? I totally feel you mokonkwo.

You guys, thank you so much, not only for pinning my stuff, but for being clever little smart asses while you do it… the ability to write a snarky or self-depreciating pin description really is undervalued but not by me.

(You can see all pins sourced from DIYdiva here.)

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