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I’m pretty confident in saying that in the last eight years of blogging, this is the first time that I’ve posted two “organization” related posts back-to-back. I’d feel a little weird about that if this post didn’t also contain tools, building stuff, and general awesomeness… but it does, so we’re good.



Because a girl really can never have too many tool boxes.

You may remember my first two fun and functional toolboxes from back in December.


I actually cut out the pieces for all four of them back then, but, you know, I randomly bought a house shortly after that and never quite got around to assembling the other two. These things happen… but probably not to normal people.

What I lack in normal, however, I make up for in tools.


Tuesday I spent a little too much time using my brain during the day and I really needed to build something to regain a little bit of my sanity after work. Since I’d just organized the tool room and was in desperate need of some more storage, grabbing the stencils and spray paint and knocking these together seemed like the perfect project.

I’ve been amassing quite the collection of electrical tools, wire nuts, and spare parts over the last six months, so this one was a given…


For the last toolbox, well, I just wasn’t sure what was most needed. I mean, I have a ton of drill bits, but I usually keep them in the regular “grab-and-go” tool bag that I tend to cart around with me, uh, everywhere.

Oh, what, like you’ve never taken your drill into the grocery store before?

But the truth is that I also tend to lose drill bits like hockey players lose teeth. Not without a fight, of course, but it happens, and not infrequently or without lot of swearing. So I thought dedicating the last toolbox specifically to bits and other drill-related accessories couldn’t hurt.


I mean, at some point my mom is going to need to take a break from praying for my heathen soul, and being able to find the half-inch drill bit when I need it accounts for at least half of the profanity I use on any given day.

So I managed to organize the tool room a bit more, regain some sanity, and save my soul, all with some 1×6 and spray paint. Not a bad job for an hours worth of work. If you’re interested in building your own, you can check out how I assembled these babies on the original post, here.


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  1. I, too, enjoy the labels and checked out plans to build some! Being a complete novice, I could just take the whole box of pincers/pullers/grabbers/pounders to my project and just find the one that works! That is only until I learn the correct name for each type of pincer/puller/grabber/twister/pounder and can then just carry the specific tool.

    My drill “kit”/circular saw sits in the office by the back door…just it case it needs to go shopping. (Umm…beach chair/equipment stays in car’s trunk all year round. Priorities.)

  2. I like the raw organic nature of the unfinished wood. These tool boxes remind me a lot of the boxes I used as a kid to organize my horse’s brush, hoof pick, fly spray, etc. Not sure how I would label that today – somehow “horse crap” conjures up a different image.

  3. When cleaning out my Daddy’s shop, after he passed away in 2010, I found at least 8 of these “tool boxes” in varying sizes, whereupon I immediately took possesion of them BEFORE my grab happy brother saw them :)Unfortunately the brother thought that he should get EVERYTHING that belonged to Daddy 🙁 Now you’ve gone and sparked an organization idea for me. Thanks. And love the humor in labeling!

  4. If a girl can never have too many tool boxes then a guy definitely can’t! These boxes definitely look a lot more friendly than my giant plastic tool boxes. Maybe if I stored my tools like this my wife would let me have more of them!

  5. I realize I’m WAY late to this party but I just came across this via pinterest. I just have to tell you I love your toolboxes – both build and decoration. But . . . I have to take issue with your use of the phrase “a lot of swearing”. Those aren’t swear words. Those are magical words to make sure that situation arises, again. ‘course they don’t often work too well, but there it is.

    Well done.

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