Celebrating Six Months (With Appliances)

Saturday marked the sixmonthaversary of signing my name on the papers for Liberty House so that I could officially call her home. Unofficially I may or may not have already broken into the house and changed the locks some weeks before that– which, you know, would not have been at all illegal– so we’re going to stick with March 8th as the big day and switch over to topics slightly less likely to get me arrested.

For example, in a happy coincidence my new appliances arrived on Saturday and I believe six months was the limit to how long the murder-fridge and I could coexist in the same kitchen…


One of us had to go. Preferably the one of us covered in blood unremovable mystery splatter…


I mean, just the fact that it’s counter-depth was enough to win my heart, but the inside? Love at first sight.


Why yes, vegetables and beer are my two main food groups. Don’t judge.

And, even more exciting…


It only took me two hours to install her (included a trip to Lowe’s for some wire nuts) and can I just say…

Actually, no, I have nothing to say. I am absolutely speechless with joy. Here, let me illustrate how I feel via photograph.


Side note: In the last six months the pictures on this website have absolutely gone to shit, and I’m surprised none of you have called me out on it yet. However, I’m re-devoting some of my time to my actual real camera, and you can see how that– and launching myself 87 times off of a picnic table to get this shot– is going for me here.

So, anyway, as far as celebrating goes, this was basically the best present I ever could have bought myself. Now, there are a ton of other things I’d like to say about the kitchen, my first six months in the Liberty House, and life in general, but I haven’t had enough time to do any of them justice because I’m too busy basking in the glow from my shiny new appliances.

Can you blame me?

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  1. Very cool photo! I have a really nice camera that I have absolutely no idea how to change the settings on. I keep saying someday I am going to take a class on it. You know…when I get my other projects done. Ha.

    Congrats on the new appliances! That is a great way to celebrate your house-aversary!

  2. Awesomeness – if those were mine, I’d be polishing them with a cloth diaper every night. After I drank a toast to them. And bought them dinner.

  3. Happy Anniversary. That fridge is indeed a work of art. My fridge more or less contains vegetables and beer unless I have been travelling a lot. Then its just beer.

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