Being Naughty

Oh, you know, I spent about 5 minutes contemplating a very serious post about the holidays, and how grateful I am for this year, and how much I’m loving the Liberty House at Christmastime… and then I had a few glasses of wine and thought, eh… let’s just stick to what we’re good at around here. Which basically means being irreverent about the holidays and in general doing things that probably shouldn’t be captured on film, but still make me laugh.

Fair warning: The last time I legitimately sang something (as in, not to my car radio or in an unfortunate karaoke situation) was 18 years ago in middle school choir. So this was an excellent idea.

2012holidayvid from kitliz on Vimeo.

Seriously, to all of you who take precious minutes out of your day to read this website… building stuff wouldn’t be nearly so much fun without being able to share it with you. Thanks for all your support, advice, encouragement, and laughter. (And that awesome cringe-face you just made when I tried to hit the high notes. I didn’t even have to see it to know how fabulous it was.)

Merry Christmas.


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