Mudroom: Progress, Plans, and Paint

So, guys, I have a confession. I went and did something crazy around here this weekend, and I’m afraid things will never be the same again… you know how my theme for January is to get my shit together?

Well, I took a look at all these tools…


And all the clutter they cause…


And I just thought, to hell with it. I’m getting rid of them.


From here on out, my life is going to be nothing but clean, and organized, and under control…


And this is a picture of me, sitting at my desk, laughing my ass off right after I wrote that.


I know, I know, none of you believed that nonsense for a second.

What really happened was that while I do love seeing all of my tools right when I walk in the door, the mudroom has become this black hole of chaos and trash bags and shit I set down as I walk into the house. Plus it was still one of the many variations of hunter green that had invaded this house before I bought it, and in order to paint I had to clear everything out.

Luckily I have this unused room that’s sandwiched between the downstairs bathroom and the parlor…


It’s not the most easily accessible room in the house– I mean, unless you like walking through the bathroom every time you need a screwdriver– but since it’s at the very bottom of the priority list right now, it seems like as good a place as any to store all my babies.


What you’re looking at right now is a toilet, two light fixtures, two routers, three sanders, a rotozip, a large tile cutter, and three toolboxes full of stuff.


Oh, and all the paint and drywall paraphernalia.

Yeeeeah. Possibly I have a problem, but it’s hidden in an oversized closet now, so we’re just going to close the door and pretend like I don’t compulsively buy saw blades and router bits, okay?

What we should talk about is how I meant to take an hour break from sanding down stair treads, and five hours later had two coats of paint on these walls, all of the trim, baseboard, crown molding, and baseboard heaters painted a nice bright white.


Also painted a nice bright white? About half my hair…


You’re wondering how I manage to do this, and, you know, all I can say is that it’s a gift. And that probably I shouldn’t be allowed out in public, ever.

Anyway, overall, progress on the mudroom was going along pretty well until I ran into a bit of, ah, unexpectedness, while taking this shelf off the wall…


By “unexpectedness” I mean possibly the creepiest wallpaper that ever existed.


What the hell is going on here?


Actually, you know what. I don’t want to know. I’m good just making it go away…


At some point after that shelf was installed the walls got a skim-coat of plaster, which made it pretty easy to fill in low space where the shelf was.

And you know, since I had the paint out, and I was waiting for the joint compound to dry, I might have started painting other things…


Like, maybe, my kitchen walls.

Just a little.

I mean, they were mint green and kind of driving me crazy. Crazier.

I don’t know what was wrong with me, I just couldn’t put the roller down.

So, more on the kitchen later this week, but as far as the mudroom goes, I’ve just got to cut in around the trim, and then she’s ready for some storage. The only problem is that the room is such an odd space– with windows, doors, and baseboard heaters (that can’t be covered with built-ins) on every wall– that I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to tackle the space.


Like everything else around here, I’m going to roll with it until it works itself out.


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  1. When we built our mud room, we put in a floating bench, completely open underneath. We keep the dog bed and dog food under there, and it makes a good place to kick off shoes, too. The ones with drawers or cubbies look nice, but I think leaving it open is more practical. Because who has time to open a drawer?!

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who manages to get just about a much paint in my hair as I do on the walls! I tackled our bathroom this weekend and even though the paint chip looked grey, it’s totally purple in real life. I’m hoping that changing out the light bulbs will fix that, otherwise I’ll be painting again next weekend!

  3. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those ideas! But you do seem to have a lot of access to old barn wood!

    And yes, that toile is creepy!

  4. Mind if I ask what material you used for your skim coat? I am facing one right now and looking for something that will last, because it’s in a relatively busy area. You expert advice is much appreciated!!

    1. Just regular drywall joint compound… it’s pink because I mistakenly picked up a bucket of “goes on pink dries white!” compound at Lowes. I’m not amused, but I’m determined to use it up.

  5. Ok, I didn’t follow you on pinterest before, but, I have an addiction to mudroom storage, so of course, now I do follow you. And I don’t even have a mudroom! Or own a house, but that’s not the point. I do have a rental I can gut and build out to my hearts’ content…

    Personally, I’d build a hybrid of 1 & 2 – love the paint color and corbels on #1, the floating bench and vertical cubbies in #2. And the BEADBOARD – don’t get me started!

    Um, I’m not going to say anything about that nasty surprise of yours. I might have nightmares.

  6. The problem with something over the baseboard heaters like a bench, even if there is a couple of feet vertical clearance, is that it impedes the heat getting into the room. I have that problem in my house on a wall where there’s a long desk top built in.

    1. That’s a good point… I’ve got baseboard heaters on two walls, so I’m thinking if I do a bench it will only be over one of them. Since it’s a mud room (not a place I hang out for a long time) I’m hoping it will be okay.

  7. Ick to the toile! All 3 of those mudrooms are great, but am partial to #1! I lean towards the white ones, but then again I don’t have a barn full of barnwood to choose from!

  8. Ha,ha, we call my store room the Dark Hole. Totally with you on redirecting your efforts and getting rid of the green. I’m no sissy but really bad colors make my stomach hurt. Love the idea of the floating bench and wonder if the ones with the corbals aren’t a bit twee Liberty house.

    1. You’re totally right, corbels aren’t my thing. But the idea of a bench in the middle of the wall, vs built in wall-to-wall could be a better option… I still can’t see it in my head yet.

  9. Option #2. But I know you’re probably leaning more toward #3 with all of that extra barn wood you have lying around.

    You should pack some in your suitcase and haul it down here in August. You know, for those of us not living next to a never-ending supply.

    Plus, the story you’d have about getting out of Hartsfield with all of that in your luggage would be hilarious.

    1. The problem with all my barn wood is that you’d get splinters in unsavory places if you actually sat on it… so I’m in agreement with your recommendation towards #2.

      I’m totally willing to brave the TSA and bring you some, though!

  10. Oh dear…let’s not talk about getting paint in your hair or my hair either for that matter.

    My two cents: the second one with the floating bench; that toile is shit-tastic, and no, that is not a compliment; you can use your wood stack for the wood ceiling.

  11. You are absolutely crazy–in a good way of course. Started peeking into your life thru Ugly Duckling and got there from ??? I love how you get sidetracked! It would not be for me BUT look at how much you accomplished! Love mudroom number two and the ceiling is way cool. A little too rustic (overall) on number 3. See I stop in to post and you get more than you asked for! I’ll be checking to see which project you started and then stopped abruptly to move on to another 🙂

    1. Ha! True story, I am crazy. This is why I have a list of five projects I’m allowed to work on at any given time… it keeps me in check, and things still get done.

      And I’m in complete agreement on the mudrooms. The second one is currently my favorite!

  12. I like #2 for the storage. Maybe instead of baskets on the shelves you can make boxes out of barn wood (might need small roller wheels to pull out easier).
    Go with the white and use barn wood for accents. Such as the coat hook element in #3. That way you’ll continue with the barn wood “accent” theme that you’ve started!

    PS – I have one bandanna set aside to cover my hair whenever I paint! Needless to say the bandanna has loverly streaks of paint all over it! Better it than in my brown hair!

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