Office Update: Forget What I Said About Cubbies, They’re Awesome

I think that the last time I said anything about organization in my office I probably made a smartass remark about cubbies. Which I would like to officially retract, um… now.

I went to the consignment store this week on a mission to find a bench for the mudroom, and instead found this:


As it turns out, this thing is kind of useful. It smells like soap, which is not my favorite, but it also keeps a lot of my pens, pencils, markers, and other miscellaneous “sometimes I like to craft shit” supplies in order. Eh, okay, I’m not very “crafty” in the traditional sense, but every once in a while I’ll pick up a Sharpie and do something like this


(Those little planets have been packed away for over a year now, and I forgot how much I love them.)

Or, more recently, I’ve been doing things like this


And this…


I am, in fact, not all power tools and sawdust related badassery. It’s easy– particularly when you write about one aspect of your life every day– to pigeonhole yourself as “a person who builds houses” or “a girl who hates doing dishes.” I’m trying to remind myself that there was a time where I did creative little things just for fun… not because I needed to build something functional or fix something on the house. So, this is totally off the topic of this post, but some of you may have noticed the new AWESOME! link at the top of this site, and… that should explain the googly eyes, at least.

So, anyway, back to the office, specifically my twelve-foot desk — where I do a  lot of work, some crafty things, and a few random things.


This thing, with the two seating areas, was seriously a fantastic idea. I still need freaking shelves, but it’s already super functional.

Bubs agrees.


Now this area still needs some serious help, but it’s slightly more organized than it was a few weeks ago…


And I put down this rug temporarily (because I had it, so why not?) and, while it’s not the long term solution for in here, it does kind of warm the place up.


Oh, and I also snagged this old bench at the consignment store as well. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but I felt like I had to have it.


Still a long way to go in this room (lights and closet doors, I’m looking at you) but awesome things are already happening in here…

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  1. I LOVE the cubbies! I’ve been looking for one of those things, but with drawers like a card catalog.

  2. My first though upon seeing the second to last picture was “How has she not done something about that light fixture and those doors..?” Then you addressed them at the end!

    It all looks amazing so far!

  3. I love the rug in there. Especially with your red doors. That bench you found at the consignment store I was just coveting at a home store yesterday, but it was super expensive so I just petted it for a while. It looks great in your office. Now, I am coveting your office. Fantastic job, as always.

  4. Ok, so I’m not really sure if you’re using those tall wire shelves because you like them or because you have them. If you love them don’t be insulted when I say this, but: I think they would look amazeballs if you chopped the legs off and mounted them to the wall, wait for it, horizontally! There, I have merged your new found love for cubbies with your need for shelves. You’re welcome!

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

    1. I was wondering where you got the wire cubbies. I”m needing some for my industrial meets kids area in our basement. I’d appreciate any info.


      1. Ah, these were from CB2 and I got them a few years ago… just checked the website and don’t see them anymore!

    2. Right now I’m using the tall wire shelves because I have them… I love them too, but they will probably end up somewhere else in the house eventually– specifically because I want some horizontal storage on that wall (we’re totally on the same page!) but I’m thinking something more like this or this.

  5. That room is shaping up really nicely.

    Its such a grounding, delicious feeling to have a room–especially one which is the center of creativity and “problem solving”–get organized, spiffied up and finished! 🙂

  6. Love the rug & also in that room! Some sawdust isn’t going to hurt it, right?! I really like Nikki’s idea of mounting the wire “cubbies” horizonally on the wall and then you can create another workspace under them!

    1. I’m actually not going to be using any big tools in here… that’s what the garage workshop is for. I always intended this to be for “tinkering” which doesn’t actually produce a lot of sawdust. (I made a joke about it once that everyone took very literally… lol!) So any rug in here should be fine, but this one is just temporary and will go in my bedroom eventually. I plan to put a natural-fiber indoor/outdoor rug in here for durability. And to catch any paint spills!

  7. Yes…new light. Love the Focaust’s Iron Orb over at Restoration Hardware – been looking for months to find a way to make my own!

  8. Ok, 3 really random thoughts…
    1) Have you thought about a painted floor cloth for under the workbench? Totally indestructible.
    2) LOVE the idea of hanging the wire cubbies horizontally!
    3) Have you thought about a simple hook to hang your tripod on just so it isn’t sitting on the floor? Of course if you hang the wire cubbies, you could just lay the tripod on top of them.

    Great work.

    Can I ask what type of paint would you use (brand and everything) to complete unfinished kitchen cabinets. We are trying to rehab our kitchen on a shoestring, seriously less than a shoestring….

    Thanks, Marnita

    1. Do you mean an actual painted cloth, or like painting a rug on the floor?

      I like having an actual rug in this room (protects the floor from those big casters on the bench and it warms the room up) but your comment got me thinking that maybe I could do something with a painted drop-cloth… interesting.

      Oh, and the tripod doesn’t necessarily “go” there, like many other things in my life, that’s just where I set it down the last time I was using it! There are two big closets in this room so I could just put it in one of those if I ever got the urge to actually put something away 😉

      1. A few years back I helped a friend paint her entire house and used one really good quality drop cloth that we dragged from room to room. At the end, we were both kind of attached to the thing, so turned it into a painted dropcloth rug for her craft room. It. Is. Awesome. We added a solid border, and she freehanded a few little geometric things to fill in some blank spaces, and then we rolled on some sealer. It’s indestructable!

        1. That room and desk are crying out for a well spattered painter’s canvas drop cloth, don’t you think?

  9. Love this blog first off! Your DIY drywall project brought me to your site. I love your white desk, I’ve been seaching for one that exact same lenght and width, where did you purchase?

  10. this is just great. you have good sight for great lines in old pieces. The wires with little birds? Where did they come from and what is hung on them. These old eyes cannot see all that well. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for the unique post; we have our own “sometimes I like to craft shit” supplies as well, so this article got my wheels turning a little. Just found your blog recently, love the way you write, you seem like a REAL person! The sharpie work is kind of kick ass too…look forward to plugging into more of your stuff.

  12. That white wall with your photos are awesome! I WILL do it this year. I’ve seen a couple of people do it and I really want to do it to.. This year, I want to become crazy redecorating our apartment! UGh!! I can’t wait for it to start!!

  13. Oh, Liz. I need your yellow & white rug! Seriously. Sell it to me! I’ve been searching for something yellow for my daughter’s room and can’t find anything that’s not floral, oriental, or too geometrical. You have the perfect rug! If you ever decide to sell it, seriously let me know. I’ve not found anything like it (that I can afford). 🙂

    1. That is the “Andalusia Dhurrie” rug. I feel like Kit posted about it a while back, but I didn’t find it. I found it by looking on one of her Pinterest boards; the link from the rug goes to west elm. Searching for the rug it looks like there are some sites that sell it for less.

  14. Hi Kit,

    That huge workbench that you don’t know what you’ll do with? A lower slatted shelf and you’d have an amazing kitchen island. Or how about an outdoor bar/ barbeque center?
    Or just a bar? Looks like it’ll hold alotta beers.

    It truly is a beauty!


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