Meet Parker & Doc

The scene Friday afternoon as Bubs waits for his new friends to arrive…


Matt, from the Humane Society of Huron Valley, was remarkable throughout this process and offered to bring the little guys out to the farm, since I didn’t have a way to transport them. So the cat and I did the nervous-waiting-by-the window routine until we saw the trailer pull into the driveway.

The cat then decided he had better things to do, like go capture and kill a twist-tie, while I got these little guys settled in to their new space.


Meet Parker (left) and Doc (right), the newest additions to the Liberty House. (Should I start calling it Liberty Farm now?)

They were pretty quick to check out the small pasture I have temporarily fenced in, but the barn was a whole different story.

You know the phrase stubborn ass? Not just a cute saying, actually. Donkeys don’t get spooked or flee like horses, but when they decide they aren’t going to do something? Yeah. Good luck with that. (So basically they already take after me.) And they both decided unequivocally that they were not going to venture inside the barn, um, ever.

Since they were just getting used to me and their new space I didn’t force the issue on Friday, hoping they would go inside overnight. But Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, and when I looked out toward the pasture I saw two little donkeys still standing just outside their barn, with an inch of snow covering them.

So… I spent the first hour of my day sitting in the barn with a couple of mini-carrots luring these little dudes inside, so they could see for themselves that the barn wasn’t such a scary place.




They’re now going freely in and out of the barn, eating hay out of the feeder, and drinking from the water bucket. (That was a whole other challenge.)

But they’ve already started earning their keep by getting rid of all the old weeds around the barn and providing lots of fertilizer… I’m going to need a bigger compost pile and a really big garden this summer.


I’ve had an insane amount of work to do for my actual day job this weekend (funny how a couple of vacation days will come back to haunt you in short order) but I’ve been taking little breaks throughout the day to check in with my boys… and the view out the parlor window is pretty awesome.

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  1. I absolutely love that view. I think your Liberty (Farm)? is an amazing idea and its fascinating seeing you carry it out.

  2. Yeah for donkeys! I personally think you should call it Liberty House until you get chickens and a garden then Liberty Farm.

    1. You’re right, it’s really not a proper farm without chickens. (It is Chick Days at Tractor Supply right now though…)

  3. Depending on the abuse they may have suffered (I shudder to imagine), they may be a bit spooked/stubborn about being confined or harnessed at all for awhile until they learn this good dream is for real and that you can be trusted. It looks like they’ve found a happy home! Congratulations!

    1. Very true Laura. The good news is that they don’t mind the halters at all, and they weren’t “abused” so much as just not taken care of properly… so they aren’t skittish or scared of people as much as they are just checking out the new environment. They were a little nerved out about the brush at first, but Parker in particular loves it now. He stretches his head out for me so I can get just the right spot under his neck!

  4. Those two improve the view out that window dramatically! Glad they made it to their new home, you must be thrilled . . .

  5. Awwww so cute!! Can I call a donkey, “cute?” I am so glad they have a good home and you to care for them. They will be rotten to the core in short order, no doubt.

    1. How could you not call them cute? lol. They may be a little spoiled, but I’m going to start clicker training them in a week or two, once they’re used to it around here.

    1. Their names both have more than one meaning, but they are both derived from surnames of superhero alteregos (Peter Parker and Matt Murdock)… because I’m pretty sure donkeys are superheroes in disguizse.

      1. I might need my nerd street cred revoked. I had to look up who Matt Murdock was. I did learn something new today, though that is often true when reading your blog.

  6. They are adorable! I really like the names and it will be fun to see them realize that THIS is what home is all about!

  7. I am ridiculously happy for you. Congrats again! Give lots of updates!
    (and yes, it is Liberty Farm now!)

  8. So adorably cute! They look cuddly!
    Don’t you wish there was a way to communicate to them? We moved my German Shepherd to our new home this weekend and I wanted so badly to be able to explain that this was our new home and I really am coming back after work, I am not abandoning him. It made me want to cry when I left for work this morning and he stood at the corner of his fence watching me go with the saddest eyes!

  9. Now I really wish my yard was bigger …and, you know, not in the urban core …heh.

    Welcome home, boys! You’ve got it made :o)

  10. Gah! So stinking cute! I assume these guys have a fairly long life span like their larger cousins? Would love to have some, but worry we won’t be here to care for them for 30 years!

  11. They’re too damn cute!
    Also, I have to share that I dreamt last night that I ran into them and you in Central Park (yup, NYC). I can honestly say that it was my first-ever dream about miniature donkeys.

  12. Oh man, they are adorable!!! I can’t wait for us to be able to get to know them better as they settle in 🙂

  13. I met these adorable creatures today. They immediately come up to you and want to be hugged or brushed. How could anyone neglect such affectionate animals?

  14. (a) The donkeys are SO STINKIN’ CUTE!
    (b) I got here via Sarah at the Ugly Duckling House. I may or may not have blog-stalked you and read every. single. post. about the Liberty House this weekend. I now feel like we’re best friends.

  15. Congrats on the new donkeys! I started following you via Sarah from Ugly Duckling house and just put it together after reading where you got your donkeys that we are neighbors!! I live probably a mile west of you and drive by your house quite often. I remember it being for sale for quite some time and wondered what it looked like inside…now I know 🙂 It is so impressive to see all of the work you have been doing to it. I will wave at the donkeys as I drive by next time – haha 😉

  16. Awww how cute! And you gave them cute names too. I always think donkeys are special animals. But I also think that it was only normal for Parker and Doc to give the cold shoulder at first because you were new to them. They weren’t sure yet whether you can be trusted or not so they weren’t doing something even if you told them to. But looking at your farm, it’s a very good environment and looks cozy for animals. I bet Parker and Doc is now having the time of their lives.

  17. So excited for you AND the donkeys! They will certainly love their new home and give you some additional companionship and someone to share all your farmhouse adventures with. Sometimes its fun to just take a break and go out and chat with them! And they certainly will make sure you get up and feed them every day. Mine are going off about 0600 right now because my neighbor was feeding while I was in Hawaii. Hopefully they will get back on MY schdeule soon. ENJOY and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  18. Came to visit your website via The Ugly Duckling House, & have been reading ever since. Cannot express how much I love it that you rescued a pair of mini donkeys!! 🙂 They’re adorable! I live outside of Detroit, & I love reading about people doing awesome things in my neighborhood. Thanks for the inspiration!

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