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Dueling DIY: Painting the Walls

March 5, 2013 | 19 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

One of those wonderful blogging dilemmas that comes with a full-time job and exactly zero hours of daylight is whether or not to wait until the weekend to take well-lit pictures, or just go ahead and post something with your shitting iPhone pics.

No amount of instagram filters are going to help this mess, but I still feel compelled to share visual representation of actual progress on these stairs.

Here she is when I bought the place…


And then a few weeks ago, when Sarah and I kicked of this challenge




I still have to cut in the walls and stairs, slap at least once more coat of paint on the walls, and about fifteen more coats of trim paint on the wood and spindles.

It’s enough to make your eyes cross in an unattractive but not wholly unpleasant way…


Of course the last bulb in that fixture at the top of the stairs burnt out last night. So, you know, my stairs basically ascend into a dimly lit obstacle course littered with pliers and paint cans. It makes going to bed an adventure.

However, that didn’t stop me from continuing to paint the upstairs hallway…


And, I’ve just revealed my dirty little secret… I haven’t even started on painting the railing or spindles on the upstairs hallway portion of the stairs.

I’m a slacker…


But a slacker whose hallway is no longer overrun with fantastical 80’s wallpaper.


So that’s something.

But unlike Christine from Little House on the Corner I am far, far from being done. (Christine put Sarah and I to shame by beating us both in the staircase challenge.)

Check out the rest of the progress here:


DIY diva


  • Christine

    Aww… can’t believe you removed the wallpaper! 😉 Only joking! It already looks so much better!

  • Sandra

    You’re allowed to be a slacker. After all, you have all those donkey hugs to distract you!

  • Emma

    Kit! What are you going to do with that awesome little space below the formerly-there-skylight? It looks like the perfect location for a comfy armchair, a stack of books and a tiny table littered with teacups and wine glasses – and a awesomely home-made badass lamp, of course.

    • Rebecca Lynn

      I totally agree! That space just screams reading nook!!!

  • Hattie102

    I bet everyone else in the challenge group doesn’t have elves living in their newel post… Have you given any thought to trading labor for rent?

  • Margaret

    You took the early trailer home out of it! I can’t breath looking at the wallpaper, maroon paint, and golden oak. Big improvement.

  • Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House

    Ok, you need to show me how you teeter up on that top area to paint it. I can’t cut in the alcove of my stairs to save my life (which I suppose would jeopardize it somewhat if I ever got up there).

  • Guerrina

    Love the progress! What color wall paint is that? That you accomplish ALL this AND hang out with donkeys AND have fairies tinkering around? Serious badass diva!

  • Fawn

    First let me say, you are a badass! If I had an alter ego I would want to be you :-) Second, tell me about the ladder that you are using to paint your stairway. Not sure what kind to purchase so I can reach my ceilings over the stairs. Thanks.

    • David

      You do not want to know how she paints over the stairwell.

      Ok, maybe you do. She lays a 2X8 plank at an angle across the rails on the landing and walks on it.

      Pictures in an old post.

  • Ashley@AttemptsAtDomestication

    You may not have won, but things are really starting to progress and look excellent!

  • Jess

    Looking good! Like the others, I can definitely see an upstairs reading nook (knowing that whether or not you read in it is beside the point!) Just a comfy thrifted (read: cheap) armchair and a little lamp. If it were me I’d maybe add a small console table or narrow bookshelf on which to balance a mirror to make the smaller space look brighter and more open. I like to have a little lamp in the hallway that I can leave on at night, lessening the chances of me tripping over the dogs and going headfirst down the stairs.

    Also looking forward to the art you end up creating for the stair wall =)

  • V@Sproutshouse

    Hi Kit,
    I’m a first time reader having just stumbled across your blog whilst at home ill. It is fantastic! I want all those power tools too plus the confidence to use them – mainly because i get too impatient waiting for others to do it!! The colour you’ve choosen is fabulous. It’ll look great once you’re all done.
    Have a great day. :-)

  • Sarah In Illinois

    But do you get to benefit from Daylight Savings Time this weekend? I can’t wait to have an extra hour of daylight after work next week!

  • Nick

    Seriously thank you for doing something about the wallpaper… Made my head spin! Great color choice on your paint!

  • Jayne

    I know you’re pretty much committed to the white(ish) paint on those spindles and rails, but check this out: I saw the stairs and thought of you.

  • Jacqueline Viers

    I love the colors you chose and it really made the room look brighter and bigger. This is a big improvement and I am amazed that you manage to remove everything completely.

  • Josette

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    task is a huge component in doing a good assignment.

  • Elena

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