Takes My Breath Away

Sometimes this property takes my breath away. As in, I fall off the step ladder onto a concrete floor and literally knock the wind out of myself. And sometimes I take a walk out to the back field…


Where earlier I spotted a deer, and some tiny, gangly little thing running around her legs…


And even though I probably have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack…


I come across this little guy…


This property is something amazing, and it doesn’t matter how much time or work I put into it, it always comes back a hundred fold.


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  1. OMG! I’m so jealous. Better you than me, though, as I would’ve run off with the poor thing.

    LOVE fawns 🙂

    1. She actually took off across the bean field when she heard a car come by, so she was close, but not within “death by hoof” distance. I saw her come back 20 minutes later when I was back in the house.

  2. The mama’s won’t attack the humans, and they always come back to get the babies. But please be careful when you mow. The youngest babies don’t run when they hear the motors. I’ll leave it at that.

    1. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t have the brush hog out knocking down that field last week as planned. Little guy didn’t move when I was two feet away from him, I don’t think he would have moved for the mower.

    2. Female deer will absolutely defend their young from humans. They are wildlife, not harmless.

  3. He might not be able to run/walk/stand steadily yet. As in, he’s still getting used to his gangly legs. Adorable!

  4. This is so beautiful Kit! What a beautiful property you have and I think you hit the nail right on the head: nature’s payback will always be a hundred fold.

  5. Amazing. I can’t believe you got so close! Deer watching at our place always involves binoculars. So far no sightings of any tiny, gangly little things, although we did have a large, gangly lady turkey show up on the driveway in front of the house on Sunday. She bolted like a deer when she saw us. Somehow, I don’t think a turkey is quite the same as a fawn. How special for you.

  6. I had the distinct honor of rescuing a fawn last week from my own backyard. No mama around and he was bewildered and dazed just standing there. As I approached him, he didn’t move, startle or anything, just looked at me and “bleated”. His eye was swollen shut from ticks and his ears were ringed with them. His little tummy was distended, but he was also on the scrawny side. Just knew he had been abandoned or his mama was killed. So I called around and found a licensed sanctuary and after much figuring out, and with the help of my neighbor, we got him in a dog crate, and drove him to the sanctuary. They will rehabilitate and release him when he is big enough. They had a couple other even tinier deer they were helping.

  7. *gasps in awe*

    Ohhh… that must have been a truly magical moment for you.

    How incredibly special! 😀

  8. Mama deer often “tell their fawns to stay” while they go around to forage for food. The babies stay put and rest/sleep, and will not move or run… otherwise mama might not be able to find them. The mother always comes back if she is able to do so. Even though you might not be able to see her, she’s out there and knows exactly where she left her fawn. Sometimes well-meaning people will try to handle or touch the baby, thinking it is orphaned, or wait around to see if the mom comes back, and both of these make the situation worse. The mama will not return if she senses danger, e.g. humans.

    Nature is beautiful and you have a very nice share of paradise there on your property. There are some things I miss about the Midwest, two of them are the abundance of wildlife and grass that grows naturally for the critters to eat. Here in Arizona we have to buy all forage and food.

    Great pic of the fawn, thanks for sharing!

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