The Farm in Fall

DIY diva

This may be the single most beautiful Fall I’ve ever spent on the farm.


Which now number, ah, two.

But still…


I took full advantage of the weather this weekend and worked my ass off.


Not this ass. The figurative one.


I have a lot stories to tell you about the new pasture fence and chicken coop, but I’m so exhausted that I’m having a hard time breathing and thinking at the same time…


So I’m distracting you from my inability to be coherent with some of the beauty of the farm in Fall.


The last burst of color and life before the deep freeze.


I’m going to miss this in Winter.


(But, honestly, I’ll also be glad for an excuse to spend more time curled up under the covers with a good book.)


And when I get my wits about me again, I’ll tell you all about this…


And this..


But for now, I’m taking all kinds of naps.

DIY diva


  • Karen Cutler

    Absolutely beautiful, Kit! Congratulations on an amazing year…now rest and read!

  • Bret

    I couldn’t agree more. This fall in MI is one of the best I can remember. I like winter, but I don’t want this fall to end!

  • Courtney @Trigirl Chronicles

    Beautiful! Enjoy it, the snow is coming!

  • stephieZ

    Lovely shots. So jealous y’all are having a fall. It was tanktop and short weather in Atlanta this weekend.

  • Linzy

    This has nothing to do with fall but, KIT! My chickens laid eggs last week for the first time. You don’t know me or my chickens, but you know how exciting that is. I just had to tell a fellow chicken-owner (I seem to be pioneering that in my group of friends…)

    • Kit

      AWESOME! This is like, the biggest deal ever for a first-time chicken owner… I totally get it!

  • momtaxijulie

    Somehow I can’t see you holding still long enough to read a whole book!

    Love the pictures, everything is so pretty.

    • Kit

      I’m just full of surprises 😉 I usually read a book or two per week… it’s what I do when I’m too exhausted to make new messes.

  • Jenn

    You are all kinds of amazing! Color me impressed. Enjoy your well deserved naps!

  • Brenda

    I would so buy your book of photographs….if there was one. It would be on my coffee table…ALL….THE…TIME. Gorgeous.

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