The Story of a Girl and Four Boots

There was once a girl who believed that an old, broken-soled pair of work boots and some bright purple Uggs could get her through almost anything. Then she bought a farm.


That farm grew to include a couple of sweet-faced donkeys…

Half a dozen Nuggets…

And more shit than that one girl could have possibly fathomed that she would ever have to shovel…

Then, the first pair of boots came along to help her in her quest. Easy to slip on, easy to hose off, a girl couldn’t have hoped for boots that would better prepare her for the many days of mucking stalls in her future.



What she wasn’t prepared for, however, was the sheer amount of footsweat that can be generated by a pair of size 7 feet inside full rubber, unbreathable boots for more than an hour. These boots were awesome, but not the only boot she would ever need.

Then, a new workboot entered her life.


For long hours building things, these were a must. Steel toes, breathable fabric, and the girl could slide them on without even a thought to laces. And so you might think the girl had all the boots she would ever need.

But then it started snowing on the farm…


And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed, until the snow was almost to her knees. And so, another pair of boots came into her life…

This pair, well insulated and waterproof, made easy work of trudging through the drifts. It took almost all of her little helpers (and a lot of swear words) to get them on, but once in, her little toes where guaranteed safe passage to even the furthest corners of the farm.

But still! Another challenge! For much to her dismay, the girl couldn’t stay all day on the farm. And so, one day, a fourth pair (a bit cleaner than the rest) made an appearance in her closet.


These boots, well, lined, mostly waterproof, and clean enough that regular folk barely batted an eye, could get her to all of those places off of the farm, and her feet still stayed dry.

The moral of this story is that the bigger the farm, the more boots you need to survive… especially once Winter rears it’s beautiful, snow-covered head.

(Yeah. I don’t know. I’ve been trying — and utterly failing– at getting my clothes/closet situation under control for the last several weeks, and I all know for sure is that I can’t turn around without tripping over another pair of effing boots. But dammed if I don’t wear all of them every single day.)

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  1. Same goes for here in SW Florida but with flip flops! haha I’ve got boot envy trust me…a little cold weather would rock every once in awhile in these parts 😉

  2. I definitely thought you meant 4 boots as in 4 unmatched boots instead of 4 pairs of matching boots. Clearly you are more put together than I am! Haha!

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