Instagram Wall Art: Updated

Last year, when I nailed a couple of strings into my wall and clipped some Instagram prints on it, well, first, I wasn’t sure if it was going to look completely ridiculous…


Turns out that was one of my better ideas. I also wasn’t sure if it would hold up long-term, and how it might evolve over time.


The prints are from Printstagram, and other than the tiniest curling, have held up pretty well for being haphazardly clipped to a piece of string for over a year.

Back when I created the first version of this wall, there were no donkeys, no nuggets, and a lot less awesomeness going on in this house, so I felt like it was time for a little update.

UntitledI figure this wall will evolve over time to reflect all of the many different things that go on around the farm, so I went back and added captions and dates to all the new and existing prints. Then I picked my new favorites and swapped them out for some old ones.


The result starts to tell the story of my time in this house. It’s a nice reminder– right there on my wall– of where I’ve been on this crazy, unexpected adventure.


I bought these bird clips long before I knew I’d have a flock of similarly colored Nuggets that would inspire the name of the farm, but it’s all the more appropriate now. (And they are still available at Urban Outfitters online.)


You won’t find any fancy art hanging on the walls in here, but things I can create with a hammer and nails that tell a little bit of my story? Well, that’s what this house was made for.

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  1. Very Cool!

    Just yesterday I was just pondering a very old bulletin board hanging in my hallway, it’s been moved to 2 different houses and was started in my apartment kitchen 20 years ago, so interesting to look back and see what was worthy of hanging that long ago. It’s a mish mash of photos, cards and other mostly 2d images from different sources.

  2. Your mention of things you can make with hammer and nails in place of “fancy art” reminds me of the beautiful sign hanging over your office/workshop entryway. Did you ever finish it? Did you post pictures? I totally want to see it again!!! (Can you link back or repost?) That sign might be my favorite thing that you have created, I just love it!

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