Victory Lap: Year Two

Saturday marked the two year anniversary of the day I closed on the Liberty House. For tradition’s sake, and because I’m a little crazy, I celebrated the occasion by drinking a glass of champagne on the back porch, just like I did two years ago.


This made more sense when it was more than twenty-degrees outside with four feet of snow on the ground…


But, traditions are traditions, so I toasted another year  on this crazy, beautiful, ass-kickingly difficult to manage piece of land, and then set out to walk the perimiter of my property. Another tradition that, well…


Slightly more difficult than it has been in previous years. (I would like to point out that I didn’t even spill one drop of that champagne on my trek through the thigh-high snow…)


Someone also must have mentioned to the flock of wild turkeys– who can usually be seen way off in the back field– that there was a party happening up by the house, because I spotted one in the back yard earlier in the day…


And he came back later with some friends.


Honestly, this property never ceases to amaze and entertain me.

When I look back on it, my first year here was really about “plugging the holes” so to speak. Fixing critical items, getting settled in, and starting to plan out what I would build here. The second year was all about getting the foundation of my little farm in place. Barns, fences, and chicken coops dominated my project lists, as did learning to care for my little menagerie.

Year three, I hope, will be a year of growth.


But if there’s anything this property has taught me, it’s to embrace the unexpected, so whatever year three turns out to be, I’ll be celebrating it just the same. And, as always, having a ton of fun.

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  1. You are a total rockstar. I am late to the game since I just discovered your blog this weekend, but I’ll be catching up on victories from years one and two while cheering you on into year three!

  2. Happy farm-iversary. I’m so jealous that turkeys came to join your party. I second Jake’s suggestion of some snowshoes. I bought mine just the other week, and they’ve made such a difference on my field walks. I made it out to our far field where I haven’t been since Christmas.

  3. Happy anniversary! Can’t wait to see what memories and physical things you build this year!

  4. Happy anniversary! Seems like you have the farm only two weeks longer than we have our house, such a coincidence! It’s a nice view you have of your land, makes me a little jealous for living in a cramped country that has been stuffed with buildings all over…

    I hope you’ll be able to celebrate this day for years to come!

  5. Congrats on the two years and I’m really looking forward to hanging out with you for year Three. Love them turkey’s too…..check out the beards on them bad boys. (yes i love to hunt)Although I wouldn’t be doing anything but enjoying them if they were hanging out in my back yard.

  6. Woo hoo! I think you should celebrate by getting a couple of goats! 😀

  7. Happy Anniversary, Kit! I’ve enjoyed every step of your journey and look forward to much more. Cheers to you…

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