Around The Farm: Out & About

Through all of the snow, and plowing, and shoveling, and the general freezing-off of our collective ass this Winter, everyone on the farm dreamed of a mythical time in the far-distant future where we would all crawl out from our coops/barns/beds and there would be sunshine…


And a shoulder to lean on…


And new friends…


And hugs…


And donkey snot in my hair…

UntitledIt happens.

I can tell you that we have been living the life on this farm for the last couple of weeks.


Even this little guy that I uncovered when moving and old box in the garden…


Apparently his mom made a nest under the flattened cardboard I’d been planning to use for the bottom of my new beds. He was too young to be properly afraid of me…

And since I’m a softie, I picked him up to put him back in the nest…

He was far more cooperative than his brother, who swan-dived off my hand at the exact minute I was going to take his picture…

Mouse butt!

(I’m really probably not cut out to be a farmer.)

So, you know, I put the cardboard back over them and I’m giving them another week or two to officially leave the nest.

And, yeah, life is tough on the farm right now, but we’re enjoying ourselves while we can, because I’ve got a week off of my day job coming up and everyone on the farm is going to be put to work.

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  1. Now those are cute mice! The only ones i’ve seen in real life close enough to hold have been white lab mice. Those i do not like. red eyes, ewww.

  2. Love the first photo, and the new gate is nice. Hopefully you made it wide enough for the tractor to fit through. 🙂

  3. I was logging on to say the same thing as Fawn! I just heard that on NPR last weekend, on Carl Kassell’s last episode of wait,wait, don’t tell me.
    It’s an epidemic.

  4. That first photo is soooo cool! It reminds me of a week ago, when we were in Yosemite, trying to catch the sundown after a long day in the park. Got some pics like that as well, except for that crazy cool shape in it!

    Now I’m also wondering what work you’ve got in mind for everyone…

  5. I love that first photo too. I don’t think I’ve seen that angle of your property before. It looks so put together (I know that’s partially an illusion). Between the beautiful fence, the house, the barn, the tree, the sun and the chickens it just looks like a very comfortable farm.

  6. Super reading all about your life with the animals
    Very funny
    Many a Thanks

  7. I think all the photos are swell. If you had tried to capture mouse butt in a flying Wallenda move it prolly would not have happened. Your garden area and back yard is coming together very nice, I’m quite envious. With your creativity, I can almost imagine an arbor coming out some from the gate of your garden bed area big enough to grow select grape varieties of which can relaxing and tasty with food as well…best wishes for a proactive productive enjoyable working vacation :-))

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