If All Goes Well…

These are my famous last words, but if all goes well this weekend, I will get to spend some time hugging my donkeys…


I’ll anchor some additional posts and finish building the gate for the propane tank fence.


I’ll get eight– yes, eight– berry bushes that my mom got me for my birthday planted. And trellised.


I’ll buy a new big tool (rototiller) and finish prepping and planting the garden.


I’ll clean out the chicken coop…

I’ll pretend I’m a ghostbuster finish spraying the driveway.


I’ll drive a couple of hours to pick up my grandpas tractor so I can mow the field.

If all goes well this weekend, I won’t see many people, I won’t take any naps, I’ll be tired and sore and dirty when it’s over. I’ll pay the dues for living on this beautiful piece of land. And then, then I might relax.


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  1. Far be it from me to suggest you NOT purchase a power tool, but I did the rototiller approach with a big garden years ago (rented; I was completely pooped out after the first few hours, fortunately there’s this testosterone-power tools thing I’d never realized previously and my husband was almost magnetically attracted to the rototiller and did the next few hours worth).
    And after all that work, it was really a useless process.
    What worked well was moistening the top level of the soil and planting directly in the ground (either seeds or plants), then mulching around thoroughly with compost from our compost pile. I added compost/mulch when planting every year.
    ANYWAY, just tossing in my personal experience, as I weary of gardening theory and love hearing actual gardening success stories. Have a great weekend, whatever you do!

  2. I live vicariously through you while I try to find a house with some land and a view and get out of my condo with no yard.
    Thank you for that!!!

  3. Sounds like a PACKED weekend… but one of those really full, rich kinds of packed- not just rushed and stressed (hehe but maybe a little bit). Would love to help out 🙂 ENJOY!!

  4. The mark of how well a weekend went is how sore I am on Monday. A particularly good weekend is when I don’t open the gate to go anywhere or have anyone over. Yeah, so apparently moving to the country has made me anti-social… and a glutton for self-punishment.

  5. Must. Get. That. Wine. Bottle.

    So many puns to be made…
    – “Can I pour you some irony”
    – “Let me bring the irony out”
    – “Do you want your irony chilled or not”

    And so on… 🙂

  6. Just got to e-mails on Monday….so….how did the weekend go? I agree with Koen’s comment on the bottle of wine. It’s a must have! Did about 10 hours in my yard on Saturday and I’m not even a farm or out in the country!

  7. Amen 🙂
    I am sure everything will fall in place and will work for you. Between, you sound like a mutlitasker! Hey are you a wonder woman? You do all the work listed above and they you also have a blog, Wow this is amazing!

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