No Place Like Home

I just got back from six days in Mexico… for five of those days I had a decent wifi connection and really good intentions of finishing up some lingering posts in my drafts folder and telling you all about the progress I made on the duck house before I left. There is photographic evidence that I at least made an attempt to do this…


And then, you know, there was also a lot of tequila and sunshine, and doing some incredibly hilarious shit with my dad that includes, but is not limited to, trying to push a dead golf-cart a mile up a pitch-dark dirt mountain road while he used my phone as a flashlight to light our way.

Also, a lot of people got mooned. And that’s all I’m going to say about that…

As a family, we will be telling stories about this trip for years.

It was a ton of fun in all the best ways, but something about the atmosphere (or maybe it was the tequila) made it difficult to put words down in a way that told a good story, even though before I left I had a really kick-ass weekend in which my mom and I made serious (and also hilarious) progress on the A-frame duck house…


And I may or may not have lost a small argument with my Paslode cordless nailer…


Which was actually not that big of a deal because YOU CAN FIX ANYTHING WITH DUCT TAPE, YOU GUYS…


Even bloody fingers.

Really, I should have been able to make some epic posts out of all of this, but even now, back on the farm for a good 2 hours, I can’t quite tell the stories right. That shit happens sometimes, and I figure it’s better to be honest about it than to post a thousand words of drivel that don’t really get to the heart of the thing.

So, 1.) Sorr about the bag. And the fact that I went dark for a week. And the fact that you probably don’t get that first reference and also probably think I’m still drinking tequila and incoherent, which I’m totally not. (You should click through and read that post though because this is still one of my favorite things on the internet, even if that blog has been defunct for years now.)

And, 2.) While I haven’t taken a full week off work in seven years (and am expecting to pay some major penance for that this week) I still have plans to tell you guys all about a.) the duck house and how much fun my mom and I had building it, b.) Sayulita, Mexico which has just topped the charts as my all-time favorite vacation destination so far, c.) all the great book recs you guys gave me and how many of them I managed to get through, and d.) hugging chickens. So much hugging chickens. I may even take a chicken to work with me tomorrow because I’m so damn glad to be back on the farm.

I’m super grateful for the week off with my fam in a beautiful place, but there’s also no place like home.


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  1. Sayulita is such a wonderful place. I bet it has changed a lot, I was last there about 9 years ago and it was growing fast. Glad you were able to take some time away because it really does make you appreciate home even more sometimes.

  2. I am so glad you did take the week to rest and rejuvenate yourself! Think how refreshed you feel now vs. if you had worked some.

  3. I can’t believe you made a sorr about the bag reference, without any context whatsoever, as I often do in casual conversation…. I love you so much for that!!

  4. Kewl Kit fun time was had working on the A frame duck house with your mom. Sounded like your vac was a fun fam time indeed, with a bit of work involved moving a golf cart with a tired motor at night……
    hmmmm, sounds as if it,d be an edge of the seat read to hear…the rest of the story.
    Indeed as Dorothy stated “There’s no place like home” It’s great to get away n you appreciate things more so when comforted by home.
    I for the first time flipped back and read 3/4 of sorr about the bag…made it only that far because I could not continue reading ROFLAO
    ….all I will say about it is…I’m still trying to be perfect. The pro was little to do what he did, sounded like he got some jolly by his behavior. We all have sorr about the bag moments, I feel they help sensible ppl from becoming to cocky and remain humble when things go really well and we do greatness. be well and keep an eye on that passlode. Looking forward to pics of the finished A-Frame duck house and the bathroom.
    disclaimer; forgive any punctuation error or misspelling, I have no formal education, do not edit and worked a full time job as a machinist at night during my senior year in high school 4~12
    and slept through English class.
    🙂 jlc

  5. The ducks are growing very fast. They need the duck house very soon. I am busy keeping up with them. What a beautiful house they will have. I hope the neighbors don’t complain.

  6. Maimie, Please call me if the neighbors complain. SInce the Uncles and I are all rested from the trip. We’d be happy to field any and all complaints!!!

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