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December 6, 2015 | 13 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

Yeah, it sounds like something from Lord of the Rings (and, frankly, it’s been feeling pretty Middle-Earth-ish around here for the last week, so that’s fitting) but it’s actually real weather phenomena where the fog and the frost make my back-yard look like this…


It’s eerily still and beautiful.



Nothing feels quite real.


As far as we can tell, the world ends just past the edges of the farm…




But, really, as far as some of us are concerned, it ends just past the edges of the couch…


DIY diva


  • Sarah In Illinois

    I didn’t know that is what it was called. Beautiful!

  • victoire

    Beautiful pictures! And your Kitty makes my day! Thank you!

  • Peggy in Canada

    Stunning, beautiful, and eery all at the same time!!!

  • Nine Dark Moons

    your cat is hilarious! the photos are stunning.

  • Jack

    Farm Christmas card worthy serene photos Kit. You may get more of that weather frost phenomenon because of Lake moisture, not sure. Yep, sure changes visibility and adds kind of a stillness shell over things….picture pretty

  • June

    We had the same in mid=Ohio south of you quite a ways… as you said, both eerie and beautiful at the same time. We woke up to ours on Saturday morning… and were very surprised when it lasted all day!

  • Charlie N. Osborne

    You have a lovely backyard view. It is pretty Middle-Earth-ish and actually looking like a scene from Narnia.

  • Tiny Homestead

    I always love seeing the cat make an appearance.

  • Lucy

    Your cat looks very content on the couch. I love the hoarfrost. It doesn’t happen here in SC. If we get a good cold snap the air is usually very dry. I love seeing the pictures.

  • Koen @ TownHouseHome

    That is beautiful, it has this fantasy-world like feel. I’ve only seen it a few times in real life and didn’t knew it was called that, learned something new today. Lolled with the cat pic.

  • Mike Scott

    Weird, I never knew there was a specific name for this either. And it also is strange how when there’s hoarfrost on the trees, it seems to be particularly quite outside. I guess the hoarfrost keeps the trees from rustling? That probably has something to do with it at least. Like you said, it just makes the whole world feel surreal.

  • Stacy

    This post really brightened my day! I have two cats and most days their world ends at the edge of the couch also! Love it!

  • Kevin

    You do have a lovely cat and the rest of the pictures are also great.

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