Spring Break on the Farm: Part 3

If truck engines and bees, and then planting a small vineyard and a new garden in front of the house weren’t enough… I also celebrated yet another trip around the sun last week.


Yeah. That’s a 12:01 AM birthday omelette (with maybe a mostly-empty bottle of bourbon in the background… so what?) Everyone should have candles on their birthday omelette is all I’m saying.

Also, I remember a post on this website where, after years of referring to myself as “almost thirty” I said “at some point soon I’m going to turn actual thirty and then I have no idea how I’m going to obtusely refer to my age on this website”… Ha. Well guys, I’m now officially in my mid-thirties. That’s how long I’ve been doing this.

Also, I love it.

Getting stressed out about birthdays or getting older has never been my thing because with every year I’ve only become more capable of doing all of the shit I want to do in life. More experience. More reps. More settled in my life. It’s been such a wonderful journey, and I’m so incredibly grateful to be where I am right now.

(Also, this time last year I totally thought I was turning 35— when actually I was turning 34– so this has all basically been a bonus year.)

So, in addition to birthday omelettes, here’s how I celebrated:

My mom got me a pine tree…


(And then she later surprised me with 6 new fruit trees for my orchard!!!)

And I bought myself a couple of cranberry bushes to be planted around the bees. All of those will be delivered this week and there will be a ton of planting to do.

Also, one of my good friends got me this thing, and holy shit…


Can I just tell you guys that this has dramatically increased my quality of life? It has. Not only can you use your phone to find your keys with this, you can use your keys to find your phone. You can find more info here. (Not sponsored, just amazing for those of us who occasionally misplace our wallets for two days and then later find them in the refrigerator…)


It happens.

One of my other friends also got me what may be the most touching present of the year…


Yeah. Just… yeah.

I love it so much. (Also, the Nugs approve, obviously.) And it was made by another friend, which makes it even more awesome.

I plan to hang it on the front porch just as soon as I get things set up out there.

And, on the other end of the spectrum, my dad decided to get me an assault rifle…


Look at that grin on his face. Haha. I’m definitely my father’s daughter, and if that wasn’t clear by my level of excitement at a new gun (he got me my first one when I was 21), well… the first thing he did when he got up to the farm was pile a picnic table and some Adirondack chairs onto my trailer so he could conveniently haul it out back as a mobile targeting station…


Literally a week before this I figured out how to attach an archery-and-axe target to a garden wagon so I could conveniently haul my targets around the property…



The apple does not fall far from the tree around here, apparently.

We also celebrated with “movie night” by the pond, where most of my family lives…


Yeah. I got to pick the movies since it was my birthday weekend, and that’s the Princess Bride.

So basically, it was a great birthday filled with all the best things– friends, family, omelettes, guns, and “rodents of unusual size”.

Plus bonfire or two thrown in for good measure…


I always wish I could’ve gotten more done–especially over a “break” where I can just focus on the farm–but as far as progress over 6 days goes, I can’t complain. We’re well on our way to awesome things around here this year, and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together!

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  1. What an awesome birthday!

    And that is some insane productivity, I’m exhausted even thinking about it – you’re totally amazing.

  2. I was worried about growing older until I actually got older, lol. The 30’s were fantastic – I had so much more confidence than in my 20’s, and didn’t have the aches and pains of being older yet. Now I’m mid 50’s (truthfully, on the downhill side towards 60) and it’s still all good! Happy Birthday, so glad you got to spend it with your favorite people and things!

    1. Patty, I’m with you (I’m 57). I’m so happy for Kit; especially that she hasn’t had to go through too much of “girls don’t use power tools” and has found her bliss. I’m doing the same, but getting a late start. Life’s too short not to build/grow/raise/drink(?!) something!

  3. Sounds like a really fun weekend! Your productivity level more than called for guns, drinks and movies!

  4. What? No one played pin the tail on the donkey? : )

    Awesome white pine tree!
    A good place to site it is where the setting sun sets it “on fire” on the viewing side- but not too close to the house because they need room to stretch sideways. They need to have full sun or they lose branches and look sad.

    White pines also do better in pairs or triads – make more cones & pollen. And can live to be over 150 years old. Which makes 35 feel not so old.

    Congrats on passing yet another solar rotation and hope you are looking forward to many more years of blogging about life on Black Feather Farm! : )

  5. wow, great birthday! your family is awesome. love that tile thing, too… just added it to my amazon wish list. apparently it’s the number one best seller in their hunting and fishing category!

  6. I can understand this device for bigger things like cell phones but never for keys. I am 42 and I never lose my keys. I made it a habit that my keys must always be in my hands or the car ignition, or in my back pocket or on the dresser in my bedroom. ever any place else. It takes about 3 weeks to create such a habit where you use your brain to force you to follow the habit. If you have your keys in hand and you are about (or tempted) to (temporarily) put them down on the kitchen table, your brain will bring it to your attention that it is a violation of your habit.

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