Reason #372 Why I Don’t Clean

Intro Maybe you haven’t been around here long enough to notice, but I don’t generally take on small projects. Mostly not even regular sized projects.

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Mother nature decided to cut us a break here in Ohio, and the last four days have been so beautiful I almost feel human again.

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Now THAT’S a color.

It’s hard to capture paint color at night (or ever) with a camera, so I’ll give you the with- and without-flash shots both to give

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That girl can drywall…

… but not without a lot of swearing. Just like gravity is a law of Physics, the fact that one project will always lead to

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DIY Fridays

It seems I have finally gotten back into the swing of things. I’d been sitting around just kind of waiting for the jet lag to

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Badass Pergola COMPLETE!

Memorial weekend was one of those power weekends, even though it started out raining, and the patio stones we had meticulously cleared two weekends ago now looked like

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.