Country Halloween

I mean, you had to know we were going to go there, right? PJ was all, “I’d rather wear the horns, please.” She’s such a

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True Story

I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately, which I suppose is to be expected with our family of four adjusting to life in

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Old & Good

I hate the phrase “old but good” which seems to imply that those two things should be mutually exclusive and it’s a rarity when they’re

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Summer Shots

It’s clearly summer at Memorial house. The clover is making a remarkable comeback after the last baling… The corn is over my head… And the

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The Bible of My Future Life

MysteryMan and I spent hours in the bookstore this weekend, pouring over books about floorplans and landscaping and 1001 Reasons Why You’re Crazy To Build

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I'm not interested in a mediocre life. I'm here to kick ass or die.