The Great Wall of..

 …well, it ain’t China, but it’s something.First, let me just say, every muscle in my body is incredibly pissed off at me right now. (I had a dream I was back in my days as a dancer, so I must have been having muscle pain in my sleep as well. lol.)  There’s no big saga about this weekend really… I picked up the mortar friday night, so we got started bright and early Saturday.

Step one was laying out the wall dry, then we got down to the fun stuff…

beginning mortaring

These were between 25-35 lbs a piece, but neither of us had any problem with the lifting. (After those 200 pound posts, and shoveling 6000 lbs. of material out of the driveway, how could we?) My big issue, that never quite got worked out, was the leveling… I underestimated how hard it would be to keep irregular shaped “blocks” level. If a mason looked at this wall, he would laugh in my face. lol

Me mortaring

Super Mason! (Don’t mind my ghetto-chic mason outfit, this was all that was left in my closet. I haven’t done laundry in like… uh, nevermind.)

Now, I’m not naming names, but one of us has a new dude and was out a little too late Friday night…

Mom rests on stone pile

Mom? Mom!

Mom rests again

Teasing aside, other than lounge around and use the new wall as a foot-rest, mom also got that whole pallet of stone unloaded and spread out on the driveway… and besides, if anyone deserves a guy that wants to keep her out to 3 AM, it’s my mom.

As a break from the mudding and stacking we took a little time to spread out the stone to backfill the wall/patio area… Then I couldn’t help myself and had to put down a little sand…

leveling out for first piece of flagstone

And mom and I heaved the fist piece of flagstone into place:

First piece of flagstone

Those pieces of flagstone? Not light. We moved a bunch of similar sized pieces into the back yard, then came across a few that were three times this size

We all had to check out the first section of finished patio…

Kit rests on new patio

Bubba naps on flagstone

Verdict: Good for thinking. Good for afternoon naps… Not Bad! Not bad at all!

Sunday I was flying solo, so there’s not a whole lot of fun pictures. I got another five foot section of wall done, and then my body totally craped out on me. I sat down and just for the life of me could not get back up again. I felt kind of like my drill must when the battery is completely drained but I still keep pushing the button and trying to get another turn out of the screw…

Here’s the end result of the weekend:

Wall Completed Sun 2

It’s a pretty good amount of wall… I’ve got another five feet to do over to the right there, and then three or four feet back to the house.


Hopefully I’ll be able to get at least that much done before Thursday… after that I’m off for a week for a wedding on the beach! Nothing like a beach to recharge the batteries…

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