Memorial House: Demolition Begins

As always, stories that end up with me demolishing the hell out of something start out with, “What happened was….”


What happened was…

I decided it was time to plan and build a fully functional workshop in the Station. Right now there’s one bench and a couple of sawhorses and plywood set up in a two-car-garage’s worth of work space. I envisioned the way we worked on the roof last summer, dragging the miter saw and other tools inside, outside, and everywhere else on the property to get things done. It’s no good… we’re about to get down to serious work here, and we need a serious work space.

So I sat in the station and hemmed and hawed for a while, thinking of the materials I was going to need to buy to build a proper work bench, and then…

I walked into the kitchen to get a drink.


If you know me well enough, you can almost see the way I stopped in my tracks, cocked my head to the side, and had my eyebrows involuntarily wing up under my hair. It only takes a slight bit of imagination to see the lightbulb going *bing* over my head.

Which is why I spent a good portion of last Saturday in this tiny-ass space, removing cabinets that will become the foundation of our future workbench.


And let me just say one thing about those little black spots you see all over that picture. If my face ever comes that close to the fecal matter of rodents for an extended period of time ever again, I’m finished DIYing shit. I don’t care. I’ll pay someone else to spend 3 consecutive hours in a oversized hamster cage.

You want to know what was under all those cabinets when I* finally got them out.


Yeah. It’s no wonder that I couldn’t remove the stink from this house for the last year.


However. I do have to say that about the only thing more cathartic than chopping off massive quantities of my hair, is beginning demolition.


Ohmygod, don’t you just feel better inside looking at that? I do. It’s totally my happy place, and it was just the kick-in-the-pants we needed to begin the rest of the demo.

And you know what that means?

Removing all of the wall and ceiling drywall in the place.

That’s right. Starting Saturday I will alternately be building the new workshop and removing every square inch of plaster from this house one wall at a time. People, the fun has just begun.

*Okay, okay. MysteryMan came in from his tractoring and provided some real assistance (in the form of being He-Man) to leverage the counter off those cabinets, which otherwise would have been there until the end of eternity. Glue and nails every 1.7 inches? Seriously people, no one was going to try and run off with your yellow speckled formica.

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  1. Woohoo! Though worse than finding mouse poop (I found plenty of that demolishing our kitchen) is finding termite poop and the damage to go along with it. It was a lot of (unplanned for) work to replace floor joists, subfloor, and even a couple of wall studs because of the damage.

  2. I can totally sympathize with the endless nails. We’re in the process of replacing all our carpet with wood flooring and they must have had a quota or a certain number of staples they had to use. Five staples in some places would have been more than efficient. Once the carpet and padding was pulled up, it took hours to pull up all the staples. We even found clusters of 20 or more in the doorways.

  3. It strikes me that we can all be pretty glad that mice aren’t bigger.

    Ever since growing up with a mouse problem in my parent’s house, I have always favored snakes in the house over mice.


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