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Our corkscrew willow is looking good so far this spring, and that’s about the only good twisted thing going on right now.

The rest of it is just plain crazy… I’ve been going non-stop for about 4 days and my body has just about hit it’s wall. Which is no good since I’ll be on a plane to Charlotte first thing tomorrow morning for another 48 hours of not having a second to blink.

I’m just too exhausted to post two weeks worth of MyteryMan portraitss, my grilled green bean recipe (it’s good!), or tell you about the cabinets that got ripped out of the Memorial house kitchen this weekend and the fifty pounds of mouse poop we found under them.

So for now, I’m going to bed. But I’m also going to leave you with a little mystery as well…

After a big rain, MysteryMan went over to the memorial house to find about 50% of our lawn looked like this:



We have no squirrels that we know of (and crazed squirrel was my first guess) and this has never happened to any of MysteryMan’s family who is all around us. So someone please tell me, what the hell did this to our lawn?

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  1. Moles by the look. We get this every spring. The lawn likes it, it seems. It’s only ugly for a bit. But look out for your root veggies.

  2. It looks like moles to me. Ironically, I recently read somewhere, who knows where, about two suggestions to get rid of moles. I have no idea if they work or not. If you decide to try them out, let me know the results. Suggestion one is to put cat litter in the holes…natural cat litter so it is environmentally friendly. Don’t know how much… I would think the more the merrier?? Suggestion two, and I promise I read this or I think I read this, maybe I was dreaming… put a half of a stick of juicy fruit gum in the hole. Why a half and not a whole? I don’t know. Good luck!

  3. Huh!

    I can’t tell if there’s mounding, but if there are moles, they’ll surface with too much water.

    At first glance, I’d guess deer were romping in the wet stuff, but I just can’t get a close enough look to tell if that’s silly, or not.

    Otherwise, it’s something rooting around eating whatever surfaced in the rain. Skunk, maybe, or something similarly predatory.

    I’m curious as to what it was, though. If you can’t tell, post more close ups.

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