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I have good intentions of showing you all the first of several DIY raised cedar beds I made this weekend, that will soon be holding baby vegetable plants. But honestly, I am beyond freaking exhausted.

I don’t know if my activity level is picking up, so my energy stores are depleted… or if I’m just a big sissy after several months of sitting at a computer and staying indoors, but one day of manual labor has knocked me out.

The gas station is begging to resemble a place that one day may house tools though… thanks to the old kitchen cabinets.


Since we have the dumpster, MysteryMan cleared out this bathroom in the Station that was literally piled to the ceiling with junk. Indescribably disgusting, and even without the junk, it’s not much better.


I think he’s intentionally saving those old beer mugs, but I can tell you, even if he soaks them in bleach for a year… I’m probably notever going to drink out of them. Eeee.

There was a pleasant surprise though. What I thought was a big shapeless bush out front, turned out to be gorgeous in spring. I have no idea, but I’m guessing Lilac? Smells heavenly.



Another thing that smells heavenly? The sawdust that comes from cutting up cedar 2×6’s… but that will have to wait until tomorrow.


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