DIY Video: Framing in a Custom Window

Now that we’re praying sure the roof won’t collapse on the Station, it’s time for the fun stuff, like putting in new windows.

The openings are 50×55″ or so, which makes for some bigass windows. We priced some out at Lowe’s for about $350 each. For once I was the voice of reason and almost ordered the damn things before we found ourselves on the patio of a local bar and MysteryMan says, “That window doesn’t look so hard to build.”  And you should know just where that idea spiraled out of control to… but in case you don’t, I’ve captured it on film for your viewing pleasure.

Let me state first that I have no idea what in the hell I’m doing, as evidenced by the number of times you’ll see me scratching my head. You can find obscure, declassified government documents on biological weapons on the internet, but google “how to build a custom window” and you get nada. At least, nothing I found particularly helpful.

So, I did what any good DIYer does when that happens… started tearing shit down.

DIYdiva: Framing in a Custom Window from kitliz on Vimeo.

Once we get the bigass pieces of glass in I’ll continue with this series. Which is not only kind of fun, but may actually be helpful in the long run.

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  1. Love the music, but it would have been more dramatic to put a boot through the plywood in the beginning. You know, just to set the tone accordingly. 🙂

  2. These silent movies are so cute with the music and the scratching of the head…. Love the “after” level-check!!

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