Insanity Continues

With the dates for the Hauling Ass Tour of 2010, and ground-breaking for the house bearing down upon us, I’ve begun repeating the coming weeks (and whats expected of us) in a desperate kind of litany…

Next week we visit my adorable honorary nephew a few states away, the following two weeks we build the donkey shed, the week after that we drive to Texas and back again, and the next week we move into the Station. Then we have people coming to look at the Garrison house, and approximately one month to sell it before the tax credit expires.

During one of the several times I was mumbling this under my breath in the last week, MysteryMan looked at me and say, “You know, if there’s anything that still needs to be done before you sell your house, you have to do it this weekend.”

Then my eyeballs fell out of my head and rolled across the floor.

I currently have a smattering of white and yellow paint-freckles across my hair and face, tile adhesive under my fingernails, a bruise on my arm from hauling a new vanity into the downstairs bathroom, and I’m pretty sure there are little lightning bolts of stress shooting out of my ears.

So basically 1.) I’m fighting a constant low-grade urge to vomit, and 2.) I’m in DIY heaven.

I’ve found that the handy thing about doing it together is that- gasp!- you can divide and conquer projects when you need to.

It’s humbling to admit that MysteryMan does not need me to run the bigass miter saw after all, and in fact did a wonderful job of finishing the Station ceiling without me.


That is just all kinds of awesome, is it not?

Other than a few touch-ups I did manage to finish texturing all of the walls last week, which means we are a few gallons of paint and some cabinets away from being done with the “living” portion of the station.

I spent my weekend holed up in the basement of Garrison, doing things I’ve meant to do for the last five years. Like turning the “battleship gray” basement hallway into something that looks less like a dungeon.

And that should serve as a nice little preview to the posts that are coming on “how to install a tongue-and-groove wood ceiling”, and “tiling your basement floor:101”.

Did I mention I have 8 hours of Contractors class to attend this week as well? Basically I’m going to need my Superwoman costume, a bottle of valium, and a bible to survive the next month.

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  1. Whoa! And I thought that I was a busy, crazy headless chicken lately!

    That ceiling rocks! Absolutely fabulous, can’t wait to see the finished space. And the donkeys.

  2. Kit, you are toomuch. I have no idea where you got so much talent and your creative motivation. I don’t think it came from me but I love to watch you doing so well.

    Your badass grandma.

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