Change of Plans (aka Thank You Tom Petty)

Right up until the moment I groggily opened my left eyeball to check my email on Friday morning I believed I was going to spend the better part of this weekend building a barn. Because we have donkeys coming to live with us in two weeks. And maybe you hadn’t caught on, but I was operating with slightly elevated stress levels because of this.

The change of plans came when MysteryMan found out that Tom Petty was playing in Houston in the middle of May. And all of the sudden it sounded like a really good idea to postpone the Hauling Ass Tour a couple of months, which coincidentally will take us conveniently close to Houston at the time Mr. Petty is gracing the great state of Texas with his presence.

Tom Petty, I owe you one.

The void in our weekend left by the absence of barn building was quickly filled in with projects such as priming the Station walls, finishing the basement tile, and prepping the Station cabinets. And–sweet jesus— sleeping.


That is one big, beautiful, blank canvas. I still can’t get over how well that wood ceiling turned out. We tried several paint samples on it this weekend to no avail… regardless we’re still thisclose to having the living portion of the station finished.

And you can see the difference a little primer makes on bringing the texture together. (See how to do it here.)


All in all, I am thrilled at the progress we made, and how the station looks so far. It’s a long way from this…

memorial house 014

(No shit, that’s the same view from two years ago.)

Fun things to look forward to this week…

  • How to turn a regular cabinet into a sink base
  • Tile 101
  • Things I learned in contractors class–building a house from the ground up

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  1. I’ve thanked Tom Petty before too… saw him in Madison, maybe 9-10 years ago… awesome show. He provided me with a much needed diversion from dissertation writing.

    Where is he playing in Houston? That’s my old stomping grounds…

  2. Meredith- It’s at the cynthia woods mitchell pavilion, appartently. Are you familiar with the venue? We were glad it was outside, since any time he comes to Detroit (even in the middle of summer) they play in the basketball arena. We think it’s pretty lame, Tom Petty should always be listened to when you’re on the lawn laying on a blanket!

  3. Yay for happy diversions! 🙂 That ceiling still looks just as amazing as ever. And boy oh BOY can I sympathize with paint color selections….

  4. Hello. For those of us who are new to the program, can you do a ‘forest through the trees’? I know there are donkeys and a gas station, any maybe a house? But do all three of those go together? Are they on the same property?

    Thanks! You’re the best!

  5. I know the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – it’s up in The Woodlands – north of Houston… you’ll dig it. Say hi to Tom for me 🙂

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