Rough Framing: Day 2 – Walled In

These guys don’t mess around…



MysteryMan asked me today if he thought we could have accomplished this ourselves. My answer:

“Could we physically have measured out the walls, nailed them together, and put them in place? Yes. Could we have physically have measured out the walls, nailed them together, and put them in place without killing each other? Doubtful.

It’s good to know your limits.

This is the foyer, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room combo. Who needs interior walls?

And the view from the picture window in the bedroom…


We’re not just kicking back and relaxing during these weeks of hired labor. We’re planning to move onto this property in three weeks, one of which will be spent in Texas.

The good news is that we’re close… I have drywall to finish, and painting to do, and an inordinate amount of packing and cleaning to accomplish. Oh, and a donkey barn to build.  And the actual moving part.

So really, not that close, now that I think about it.

And our well has been pumping sludge into the pipes instead of water since we excavated, and the beam supports for the existing foundation are too long…

Hey, these are the joys of constructing your own home. We spent more than a year planning for this adventure, and now it’s time to cut the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor.

We’re dealing with what life throws at us, one day at a time.

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  1. While you are at this stage, you may want to install blocking around those big window openings for whatever you use as curtains or drapes in the future. Short lengths of the header material in between the studs work just fine.

    Also consider blocking in the bath for towel, grab bars, cabinets as well.

  2. All this sounds so very exciting – so glad you’re documenting everything so you’ll remember every single detail when y’all r old and wrinkled and throwing fake teeth at each other 🙂

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