Rough Framing: Day 3 – Obstacle Course


Given my track-record with staying vertical on my feet, it’s really only a matter of time before I end up skidding across the floor sheathing on my face in a setup like this. Which I expect will provide ample entertainment for 1.) MysteryMan, 2.) the framing crew, and 3.) the entire Internet. Until that happy event, let me give you a little tour of my obstacle course house.

This is the wrap-around porch leading into the new front entryway.

The existing exterior walls won’t be taken down until we’re nearing the end of the project, so until then, these are windows inside of windows.


The large bump-out in front there is the new kitchen.

To the right of the kitchen is the side entry that eventually will enter the house off of a deck.

This is the mudroom. Kitchen entry through a yet-to-be-cut hole to the left, basement stairs to the left, door to the veranda and donkey-viewing area straight ahead, and master bedroom, laundry room, and assorted closets to the right.


Here’s another view of the master, looking through the walls of the closet (right) and laundry room (left).


In person it looks pretty much the way I’ve been picturing it in my head for the last year, although it’s nice to get a sense for the actual space of the thing, since I’ve been staring at it in 1/4″ scale since its inception. One thing I didn’t realize from the print…


How big the window in the commode closet will be.

I mean, I’m all for light and airy, but this may be a little too, uh, exposed. Thank god for the invention of window treatments I guess, cause there’s no turning back now.

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  1. Wow, you guys have been so busy. How exciting to see your plans start to come to life! That is a pretty big window there… you can buy that frosted window cling (or maybe even a frosted window or glass blocks) if you don’t want window treatments. But you probably already know exactly what you want to do with it. 🙂 Hmm.. at least there’s not a huge window in the shower? We have one… and um, it’s very, very large – like from knees to neck exposure. And we have a neighbor whose house it like, right there. Yeah. :/ We are thinking glass blocks are in our future…

  2. I love large glass block windows with the vents in the middle, they let it tons of light and a great amount of breeze, too. But for those morning-after-tacos days when you are on the pot for awhile, it might be nice to see the outdoors as a distraction!

  3. It clearly looks like you crazy kids want your walls to be plumb! Or at the very least stay *exactly* where they are now until you get the top plates on 🙂

  4. Chelsea – I think you’re on the mark with glass blocks. I actually had the intention of putting some in our shower (not neck to knees) but it didn’t quite work out. Guess the view from the pot makes up for it.

    Sara – I agree on the glass block. We already purchased the regular window… not that we couldn’t change our minds. My mom pointed out that the window will offer a whole lot of ventilation. lol

    Gene – We are so not responsible for the obstacle course. Right now we’re having faith that the guys we hired for rough framing are doing this for more than just kicks. 😉 We do get high winds in the area!

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