DIY diva

Excuse us, sir…

DIY diva

…what the hell are you doing to our barn?


Other than just plain making a mess, we’re making a last-ditch effort to get water and electric out to the donkey shed.


For their part, the donkeys are giving us their best W.T.F? faces.


And then they make up donkey-games that involve running up and down the dirt piles we’ve made. I think people expect donkeys to just wander around in their pasture grazing, and they would be seriously underestimating the troublemaking curiosity of these little long-ears.

I’m hoping to put some permanent mounds and other donkey-playground features out in their pasture, come spring. Which hopefully will stop them from doing things like this:


But honestly… probably won’t.

DIY diva


  • Gene

    Water and electrical to the donkey shed…so they can have a flush toilet and play video games? :-)

  • Christy

    How can you not love those faces?!? They look so sweet and innocent!

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  • Kelsey

    Donkeys are so much more than a cute face! My friends’ at Lewis Mill Farms have great stories about their little Mini donks and the trouble they get into!

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