First time in four weeks…

…that we went through a whole weekend without hanging one single piece of siding. It’s not exactly something to be proud of, but there were some other things that needed to be taken care of.

There was a donkey shed that needed to be primed so it wouldn’t weather too bad without siding this winter.


There were two more old basement windows to be blocked up. (It was an utter fiasco, one I may or may not have caught on tape.)


There were ugly maroon cedar beams that needed work.


There was a new hay rack for the donkeys that needed to be hung.


There was concrete to pour around the basement posts.


There were angled recessed lights to be installed on our vaulted ceiling.


There was a heat lamp (I cannot properly express my excitement about this, but maybe that’s just because it’s 20-degrees outside my garage apartment right now and my teeth are chattering too hard to shout for joy) to be installed in the master bath.


There was a new gate to be installed so the donkeys could get to their extended pasture.


And also, I took a nap. And ate some carrot cake.

Despite the lack of siding, I think you could call it a productive weekend.

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  1. I’m tired from just reading that post!

    Btw, West Elm has 20% off on lighting and additional 10% off on sale items (NOVSALE10).

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