Elizabeth Taylor, My Walls Thank You

I spent the better part of my weekend with drywall crusties in my hair, under my fingernails, and– inexplicably– on my eyelashes. A look that I feel is slightly more glamorous now that I know that Elizabeth Taylor once owned the Ames tool company that makes the fancy-schmancy drywall tools. I have no evidence of this other than our drywall professional, who has been doing this for fifty years, told me so.

So, first things, first… after working side-by-side with the actual “pro”, I’ve amended my drywall tips from a pro post to include a few more tricks I picked up over the weekend, so check out that post again if you have any interest.

A lot of my weekend was spent finishing the outside corners by hand and putting a second coat on on the screw holes, but I got to see the master at work with this fun tool, which made my previous joint finishing seem a bit like a joke…


Fill’er up, and one swipe over the seams…




I will be renting one of those babies if I ever find myself in the position of finishing 2000 square feet of drywall again.

On my original timeline I had the whole “finishing drywall seams” wrapping up around February. But as it stands, we’ll be done, oh, this week.

Here’s the kitchen:



Great room:



Master bedroom:



Those are the three rooms you get to see on repeat throughout this process, because those are the rooms with working lights.

What this means is that next week I’ll be texturing, and the following week, there may even be painting… all while I wait for the shower tile to come in. Not that I’ve 100% picked it or ordered it yet, but, you know, in theory I’ll be waiting for tile to come in. (More on the tile I’ve been trying to track down later.)

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  1. You’re getting so close! It’s looking awesome!
    We taped all the seems when we finished the basement in our last house, but only completely finished the bathroom. We were too exhausted to contemplate finishing it all and called in a pro. I couldn’t lift my arms above my shoulders for weeks! He was finished in one weekend. Best money we spent. You’re an inspiration!

  2. wait. the seams get just one pass with this wonderful tool? or do they got back over the seams again?! if it’s just once, i think i may faint.

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