Saturday Night Bathroom Design

I like to call this a “studying for contractors exam procrastination technique”. So far it’s working well for me.

In fact, I’ve picked out many of the final materials for the full bath. I may still have half a twitch in my left eye over the tile for the master bath, but that’s to be expected.   Also, did you know that load-bearing steel beams only have to be sitting 1-1/2″ on your foundation to support the weight of your entire house? Yeah. Having construction fun-facts running through your brain every few minutes is all kinds of awesome, but not nearly as cool as finding a use for that extra box of engineered hardwood flooring I’ve been carting around for the last five years.

Before anyone yells at me about putting hardwood in a bathroom, we expect that this shower will only see action two or three times a year.

And… you’ve never heard of someone actually being put in a straight jacket because they pulled some (smallish) clumps of hair out after looking at paint swatches for three straight hours, have you?


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  1. Eh, we’ve got the original hardwood floors underneath five layers of ugly in our bathroom. We plan on taking it down to the wood. Wood is fabulous. And if you don’t have to buy anything else? It makes it even better.

    Good luck on your exam. I procrastinated all through grad school doing something similar. It’s a good way to kill time. 🙂

  2. The shower is only one of a few potential problems. At our house we are just as likely to an issue with a clogged toilet over flowing. Then there is the sink over flowing – that one would be very rare.

    You are a brave one…

  3. The master bath in our last place had original hardwood throughout… (although it only became a master bath in the last 10 years of its 80 year existence). We really liked the looks of it – but never really considered the practicality of it… I would wager a guess though – if the shower leaked or the toilet overflowed – the water would’ve found it’s way right through the floor easily, no harm done 😉 That old house (in Houston) wasn’t designed to be air tight.

    See our reno here:

  4. We’ve got hardwood in our kitchen and laundry room. Haven’t had a problem, knock on wood!

    A small tip-stand the tile samples up and tape the paint samples to the wall. The color will change a little because of the way the light hits them. When we brought carpet samples home one of them turned into a muddy, muddy grey when put vertical against a wall, even though it was a pale mossy green!

  5. My 90 year old house has had a hardwood floor in the main bathroom since it was built – no problems, ever. Go for it!

  6. I like your style,especially “busted”!Anyway if you run into any probs lets us know,we’ll be happy to help guide you through if you hit a hitch.Email us on the email used.How is going anyway ,been a couple of months since this was first posted.

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