Bathroom Vanity Thoughts

When I start getting thoughts, it can be dangerous. It can result in selling a perfectly good– or, in fact, better than good— house and living in a garage for most of a year. It can result in tearing three out of four perfectly good exterior walls off of a house. In short, it can result in this:


So you can see why MysteryMan starts to break a sweat when he sees that gleam in my eye. The one thing that is holding us up from having at least one functioning bathroom in the house is the lack of a vanity (or even an idea for a vanity) in the full bathroom. And I’ve been doing some serious thinking.

It started with some early morning sketches, which you might have caught on Facebook.

I want something furniture-ish and with some open areas to keep it from looking too blocky. I thought I might be able to find an old dresser or something to modify, so I started in the usual spots…

Thrift shopping:

I’m probably lucky that last disaster wasn’t the right size or I might not have been able to stop myself from buying it, and it was absolutely falling apart.

I also tried the big box:

Okay, I do have some thoughts about doing something with these stock cabinets for the Master bath, but it wasn’t quite going to work with my full bath.

I really don’t want to buy a pre-built vanity for $350, and so far I haven’t had any luck with any of my online resources, even though this piece from Pottery Barn looks right up my alley


However, look what you can buy online.

Which leaves me with really just one thought…

Probably I’m going to be building a bathroom vanity soon.

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  1. You’ve got the skills….you’ve got the tools…..go for it! I only liked the Pottery Barn pic and want deets on how you do it! I’d love it in my 1/2 bath & full bath and must raise higher than the top of my thighs! Why do they make the vanities so short anyway??

  2. Yes do it! This is why we’re planning to build our own vanities and linen cabinets (3 each) for the bathroom remodels this year.

    I like the one you have drawn with doors. Doors are so much easier to build the drawers and the drain pipe/sink will be eating up most of the drawers you have drawn in the sketch. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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