Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Just shy of a year ago we essentially dug a moat around our little 900 square foot house.



We thought about just letting it fill up with water and buying a little raft to float around on, but instead we did this:



In some ways it seems like yesterday, and in other ways (cough-living in a garage-cough) it seems like eternity.

We’re going to be spending the next several days doing the same thing we’ve been doing for the last year whenever we have a few minutes of free time– working on the house. Expect to see progress from our working vacation over the next couple of days, and a more detailed look at the highs and lows over the last year to celebrate our “demoversary.” (Thanks to Chezerbey for coining that phrase, I love it.)

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  1. You are amazing! I love the pic of you in the hole. Y’all didn’t uncover any cool artifacts or treasures in there did you?

  2. Wow – it’s so beautiful. I love the rooflines and the huge deck-to-be. And yeah, that a great picture of you in the hole!

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