Vacation: Day 1/2

I’m staring at five full days off from the day-job, and we kicked it off right this afternoon by starting on the bedroom floor.

Actually, we started off with a final coat of paint on the ceiling and then moved on to the floor. This is about two hours of work and a quarter of way done. So we have fun filled day of crawling around on our knees scheduled for tomorrow.

Since I’m not going back to work ever until Wednesday, one of the other big projects I’d like to tackle is making new doors and drawers for these stock cabinets and installing them in the master bath.


I found a local place that has hardwood in stock and snagged these walnut planks for the doors and drawers. I haven’t quite finalized the design yet, but then again, I pretty much always jump in to projects without having a completely finished plan in place.


Plan or no, it’s a relief to be focusing just on house-building for the next several days.

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  1. Good luck with the house-building marathon and have fun !

    That floor is gorgeous, love the color.

  2. Make sure you take a beer/fruity-drink break every once in awhile!

    ((eek, can you remove my last comment? I put the wrong website in…I was too quick on the submit comment button!))

  3. In lingo of Habitat, you’re doing a Blitz Build! Too bad we couldn’t all show up to volunteer!

  4. Just found your blog; love it! The floor is gorgeous.

    I dream of having vacation to spend working on my house. This summer will be amazing. Hope you get everything accomplished with no snags!

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