Moving Day

I tried to write this post yesterday, on actual moving day, but it turns out my wittiness has limits that are tested by trying to wrangle the rest of the roofing crew, three moving guys, approximately 482 boxes, and one very pissed off cat between two houses.

You think I’m joking about the cat thing?

The volume and intensity of “get me out of this effing cat bag” only increased once we started moving, and then, just to spite me, Bubs decided to actually take a crap in his carrier (really, cat, as if I haven’t had enough shit in my life this week) which means that I had to drive with my windows down and inevitably ended up next to an old couple at the worlds longest red light who I’m sure–after hearing the sounds coming from my vehicle– immediately drove to the nearest police station and reported a girl in a yellow SUV with a possible kidnap victim bound in the trunk. Probably there’s a warrant out for my arrest right now.

That doesn’t matter, however, because after two days of tinkering around the house I have both a working shower…

And a working kitchen sink…

So basically I never need to leave here again. It’s hard to believe that forty-eight short days ago I didn’t even know the Liberty House existed, and now it’s Home Sweet Home.

I still have to get the water softener over here, hook up the washer and dryer, fix the dishwasher, get another coat of poly on the floor of the Study, and start to unpack the boxes that are stacked everywhere. So basically I’ll be in project heaven for the next couple of days, but I expect it to be just the usual brand of insanity around here, now that the big move is done.

Here’s to finally being home!

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  1. Yay! So exciting! Sending you good vibes your way. My cat hates to travel too. I feel guilty leaving him when we go for long trips but I think he is happier not having to be stuck in a metal rolly thing moving at 70mph for a few hours at a time…plus it is fun to imagine what he is doing when we arent home…risky business or home alone reenactment perhaps?

  2. There might nothing more disgusting than cat crap – unless it’s strange random contractor crap, maybe. Congratulations on surviving moving day!

  3. AND a Redbud Tree in the front yard – HOW PERFECT IS THAT??? My all-time favorite tree. I have planted at least one on every property I have ever owned!!

    I actually take my dog and my two cats back and forth between my house and the Victorian Tri-plex I spend a lot of time working on, which is a three-hour drive. Fortunately they all travel REALLY well and quiet. THAT screeching would drive me crazy! Have had a couple of piddle & poop accidents and that always calls for pulling over and trying to clean it up so I don’t gag.

    I’m sure its good to have the move DONE and hopefully everyone it safe and sound! Probably nice to have your own bed (or mattress on the floor)there to crash on. Assuming your landlord was able to re-rent the farmhouse and you were able to get out of your lease? On to the next chapter – fulltime!! Yahoo!

  4. Well, now that my cat has jumped onto the computer table angrily seeking the cat trespassing on her territory, spilling my coffee in the process, I say, welcome to your home, Kit! It’s a great day when you have hot & cold running water & heat, and I hope the cat has as much fun exploring the new place as you!

  5. I too have experienced cat crap in a car… which was nothing compared to the sound and scent of my dog having diarrhea in my car…
    It could always be worse!
    I could have had no car, or no dog…
    Happy settling in!

  6. Amazing how quickly life can change sometimes. Obviously the Liberty House was meant to be yours – now on to your usual brand of insanity. Can’t wait!

  7. What an exciting journey! Happy to be reading along with you – I don’t know how you do it all! I’m tired just reading this… good luck!

  8. Woohoo! Congratulations on having arrived home :o)

    I’m having serious house envy right now. Maybe one day I can figure out the right combination of arguements to make the husband move to the country with me …. yeah, never going to happen *sigh*

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