That’s What I’m Talking About: A Little Post-Weekend Gloat Fest

Just so we’re clear right from the start, there is no point to the post other than for you to get a mental image of me throwing my arms up in the “touchdown!” position and awkwardly shaking my hips in the most unabashed happy dance that has graced the pages of this website in the last year. You know why? I had a weekend.

You know the kind. Where you feel remarkably well rested on not-enough sleep. Where you get all kinds of big things and little things done. Where the moments that make you puff out your chest a bit and feel like superwoman are almost equal to the moments you laugh hysterically at yourself. Where every minute is productive or fun and you never feel rushed. A weekend where you get everything done.

Guys, I’ve been dying for this weekend– this feeling– since I moved into this place two months ago. I have no idea what stars align, or what mixture of secret ingredients come together, to make me spew productivity and happiness all over like a science fair volcano, I’m just grateful that it did, and I’m really hoping I can ride this high all the way through the week.

Each of these projects is getting it’s own post, but here’s a sampling of the weekend work:

Movin’ On Up

Friday night I decided to set up my new bedroom upstairs, which meant assembling and moving the king sized bed around all by myself. Because I knew it would be epic, I set up the video camera to capture the awesomeness of moments like these…



Epic, I say. I have no idea what possesses me to capture my most stubborn and awkward moments on video (like this, and uh, this), but it’s not alcohol.

I’ll post that video later this week when I’ve edited the number of minutes I have my face smashed into a mattress while trying to move a three-hundred pound bed down to a minimum.

Even more exciting is that like 80% of my clothes are out of the laundry room and on proper hangars.

Right? Crazytown.

White Out

I also managed to spray paint a few of the frames for the upstairs bath.


Just went with white for now to see how I like it.


Jury is still out on if everything is going white or what, but I’m not stressing about it.

Pile Progress

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to good old fashioned manual labor, and help from friend and awesome hauler-of-shit Meredith, meant that the pile went from this…


To this…


In about 3 hours.

Again, a little more detail to follow in another post, which includes how I only had to make one call-of-shame to figure out how to make the tractor go forward. Clearly I haven’t quite mastered this country-girl thing yet.

And of course, after stopping in to see my family I did exactly what you would expect me to do with all of the junk wood we piled up…


Omelets & Tractors & Weeds, Oh My! 

Sunday started out just right with breakfast with my grandparents who were coming up to get the tractor, which means, of course, they spent an hour at my house and got more done to my yard than I have in the last week.

My grandpa and I tag-teamed the area behind the barn with the bush hog and the little mower, and now it’s less like a jungle, while my grandma cleared about two weelbarrows full of weeds away from my garage. Like it was nothing.

Running The Steps

After my grandparents took off, I decided to balance my barn-beam weight lifting routine with a little cardio, and ran some stadium stairs 10 times.

That’s 1300 steps total, which I was feeling pretty good about until an eighty year old with white hair and chiseled abs passed me on my sixth rep. So. Add to the list of things I can’t outrun: Octogenarian.

Fixing The Deck

Since I was “in town” so to speak, I picked up the supplies to check one of those pesky little items off my bank list. Look for all the reasons why this made me shake my head tomorrow, but it’s hard to argue with the result.



Take that, bank.

Then, I took a nap.

Just kidding!
I actually put another coat of paint on the pink parlor, which is mostly un-pink now.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. None of the projects were amazing, but they were all pretty substantial chunks of work, and I flew right through them. Plus no unusual animals like a giraffe or lemur showed up on my patio to distract me, so that was nice. How did your weekend go? Get any big projects checked off your list?

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  1. A weekend where you ‘get everything done’ that’s just awesome. Not sure I have EVER had one of those! I got my studio apartment rented this weekend which is a huge milestone meaning the place will finally be paying for itself (well, the mortgage and utilties not the improvements) after almost 4 years of working on it! So yeah, my weekend was awesome too! Good to be on a high and feeling productive, uh?

  2. I think some of your “get everything done” juice made it over to my farm, because it was a weekend of productivity inside and out. I like that you had a bit of a balance and weren’t working all the time. Productivity feels good, but it’s nice to add some workouts and omelets into the mix.

  3. You rock. I have moments like that – when I have all the energy to tackle everything I’ve been meaning to. And then one of my kids gets sick. Or the hubs wants to go camping. Or there’s an X-Files marathon on TV. And then it all goes out the window. But I still get into bed at night and congratulate myself on a job well done – for my family is happy and fed, and I fed my Mulder fantasies. And all is right with the world. But, then again, I don’t have a bank hoarding my money. 🙂 So, at times like this, be thanking you don’t have a husband to please, children to parent, or Mulder to salivate over – because that’s when you get stuff done!

  4. Your writing style is absolutely delightful and each post makes me happy. Congratulations on your productivity! I use an old skate board to move stuff around . Thanks for the update!

  5. Eight hours of helping my brother clear massive limbs from over his house and then making those limbs smaller then carting them over to the future burn pile.

    He owes us big-time.

    But of course if my brother asked me scale a tall building in a single bound, I would. Because he is my brother.

  6. Way to go, Kit! Love that triumphant feeling! Must be something in the air over all the USA! I got the brush pushed back about 12 feet from my 90 foot driveway…now the ferns can fill around the rhodedendron I scavenged from work(about 20 yrs old…fun fitting THAT in my little Cavalier) AND managed to get my newly painted shutters back up…the ones I didn’t label what window they went to…all sorts of fun..then hung up a hammock that was given to me! No time to try the hammock yet.

  7. that looks like an amazing weekend. mine wasn’t too shabby either. I always think it’s the long daylight of June that makes me feel like I can get started earlier and end later. And thanks goodness for that because I have a rather long to-do list of my own

  8. I fertilized the vegetable plants bought last month that are still in their containers… they aren’t looking too good.
    Oh, and bathed 1 1/2 dogs…. the other 1 1/2 didn’t want a bath.

  9. I’m going to start using the phrase “spew productivity and happiness all over”

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