End of Summer Snapshots

It was a gorgeous and productive couple of days at the Liberty house this weekend, and I really want to tell you guys about the level of personal filthiness I managed to achieve in the last forty-eight hours. I do. There were two-and-a-half dead birds involved. Unfortunately there was also a neck injury involved. (No, I didn’t fall off a ladder.)

I’m not entirely sure what happened, to be honest. I did my usual crazy amount of lifting and hauling and wedging myself into teeny, tiny spaces, and I don’t remember actually injuring myself, but as Saturday wore on I gradually lost my ability to turn my head to the left, and by the end of day Sunday I could no longer blink without a searing pain shooting through the right side of my neck.

I’ve had my fair share of sore muscles from a good day’s work, but this is something… beyond. So in an effort to move as little as possible (did you know you use neck muscles when typing? no? me either, but I do now) I’m going to just shut up and share some snapshots I’ve captured over the last few weeks, as summer comes to an end…







So basically it looks I’ve been spending a lot of time laying in the grass and taking pictures while I’m driving… which is probably pretty accurate.

My first summer at the Liberty House was epic– house projects aside, I learned a ton about living out here in the country and maintaining my little chunk of land.  Fall and Winter will bring different challenges, and even though it’s a lot of work, I’m still excited to watch the changes as a new season rolls in.

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  1. The first year at any place new is always the most exciting because of the seasonal changes. I love your pictures. A chiropractor can fix your neck but a massage therapist is much more enjoyable. I hope your neck gets better.

  2. When I was about 25 I got this kink in my neck that lasted several months and I never knew what caused it. That was the first time I realized – oh – I’m getting “old” Well, that was 30 years ago now! If I’d only know what lay ahead! Now anytime my neck gets sore I always remember that though. I tweeked my back a little yesterday and don’t have any idea how. I don’t think I lifted ANYTHING. Most all of my injuries and bruises are from undetermined causes it seems! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  3. Love these pics, Kit. What an obedient cat to pose so well and with such a pleased look on its face! Really hope your neck kink works out quickly. Only suggestion is if you use chiro, go see them!

  4. That picture with you and your cat is awesome!

    And I also love the tractor with the hay rake, very common sight here in rural Illinois!

    I still have some “Summer projects” to finish up here before I start my “Fall projects”. I better get crackin’!

  5. Try to find a chiropractor who does the Proadjuster. It doesn’t involve being torqued. Google it – it’s really a neat thing that works great!
    And nothing can beat a great massage!!!

  6. Oh if only I could get even one of my cats to pose as your’s did!

    I know I know… kids and cats can’t pose ’em gotta shoot “in the moment”!

    1. Actually, Bubs will do almost anything for a belly rub, so it’s pretty easy to get him to pose. lol. He’s a strange cat.

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