Does anyone remember the last time I posted actual edited in-focus pictures to this website? Yeah. Me either. I promise I’ll do that for actual “after” images, which means you should be able to look at pictures of the interior of this house without squinting, ah, sometime in the next 3-17 years.

Until then, bust out your adorable squinty-face and check out some of the furniture re-arranging that happened for the Christmahanukkah party

This has been the standard configuration of the kitchen– complete with books, drawings, and miscellaneous lamp parts covering the table– since about 3 minutes after I moved in:



Not only is it kind of close quarters with the table (and the temporary placement of my desk) but when I have people over it encourages everyone to just stand around in the kitchen and hello, I’ve got a finished room in this house now that should be getting some attention. So I swapped out the big rectangular table for an awkwardly smaller round one.


This one doesn’t go here, of course, but I realized how much having a round table opened the space up, and I’m thinking a slightly larger version that can seat 4 will be a much better option in the kitchen. And I’m planning to put a small woodburner in that nook where the small Christmas tree is eventually, because heating an old farm house with fuel oil is super fun for the bank account.


The table that used to be in the kitchen got moved temporarily to the Worlds Biggest Hallway (currently masquerading as a dining room.)


It basically looks exactly like someone stuck a table in the middle of a big hallway, because… that’s what I did. But hey, it was effective. It also didn’t make it any more difficult or awkward to move through the room, which tells me if I want to use this as a dining room or, you know, plop a big piece of furniture in the middle of the room for decorative purposes, it won’t cause any issues to the traffic patterns. For me. And the cat. Because that dude is so respectful to traffic patterns, as long as they involve walking directly in front of my feet at every available opportunity.

You may also notice from that picture that my future office no longer contains a random bed, but instead contains my inappropriately tall workbench.


More on that later…

The bed is actually in one of the guest rooms now.


I like to keep some boxes stacked precariously next to the bed, just so things are exciting for people when they stay over. (Also, you know there’s no way in hell I actually made that bed, right? My guests are better at this stuff than I am.)

Most of this is all unfinished and temporary, but it does make the house feel more like an actual house and less like a construction zone.

The one thing that is at least on its way to being finished is the parlor, and here’s what the original furniture (and by “furniture” I mean “single, solitary couch”) layout looked like when I first set it up…


It made the Christmas tree placement a little weird, so I swapped out the rug and moved things around a bit:


I also added this little outdoor table for some additional seating, but I wouldn’t mind having something similar in this room long term.

I definitely like the couch better facing this way. I love the way the room is shaping up for Christmas this year, but long term it doesn’t quite have the right feel yet. Playing with the couch a few different ways has given me some ideas about the future layout, however.

I’m hoping to find just the right couch and some other furniture for this room in the next few weeks, and in the meantime I have a couple of other projects (inspired by the current rearrangement) up my sleeve. Plus some sawdust, but that’s normal around here.

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  1. Hosting a party has always been a big motivator for me to get things done. I like the changes you’ve made. Have you tried following I have found some beautiful pieces over the years. Oh,there are always a good selection of tools. That line about traffic patterns is a good start to the day.

  2. OK, totally unrelated to this post…Thanks to immersing myself in your blog for 20-some hours this weekend (thanks for the entertainment over a VERY slow work weekend) I decided at 12:30 on Monday I was going to build a workbench for my basement. I had the frame built by 3pm. I had no plan goinig in, I just measured and slapped some 2x4s together and called it good. And proceeded to take it apart that night when I came up with a better design.

    I made a new best friend in the process. His name is Dexter. He’s a compound mitre saw. It was love at first cut.

    1. And I’ve finally made it here again. I’ll have you know that I was unaware when I first posted this that you had recently constructed a work bench yourself. Just sayin’.

      Now onward and upward to see if I can get fully caught up on your blog before my relief gets here…

  3. With the Worlds Biggest Hallway, I think it invites the worlds biggest christmas tree and menorah.
    It would be pretty awesome to be able to get your family out on the farm for christmas and be able to walk down into that space with a big old hmmm…. wrought iron and Edison bulb “tree” that you welded yourself….

  4. Unless the window in the guest room is well insulated, it’s going to be chilly/draft at the bed.

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