Getting Ready for Donkeys

So, this is Day One of a four-day weekend at the Liberty House. A mini-vacation that I originally intended to use to loll about the house, basking in the glory of not having to put on pants. Which we all know would probably last about two hours, until I couldn’t help myself and started painting something or otherwise making messes somewhere in the house.

It’s what I do.

Instead, in a strange (but now wholly unexpected, if you read this post) turn of events, I spent the morning in my Carhartts, cleaning something. Namely, the donkey barn, which, when we last took a look at it, could not fit even one of the smallest donkeys among the mess…


I get to go meet my boys on Monday, but I’m not sure when they will actually be coming home. That is dependent both on the adoption process (I feel weird using the term “adoption” in conjunction with donkeys, but whatever) and how quickly I can get ready for them.

Here’s what I need to do:

  1. Clean out the barn, move all pallets of block out of the stall area
  2. Build a stall and patch windows
  3. Put in electric fence

I borrowed a trailer from my grandpa last night, and had this vague notion that I might go get a pallet dolly and try to move the fill pallets of stone up onto the trailer with it. I spent a lot of time this morning hemming and hawing about whether or not that would work, so I finally decided that I could spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do this most efficiently, or I could just start making progress with some good old-fashioned manual labor.

So I pulled on my long johns, Carhartts, fur lined hat, and at 9:30 when I walked outside, I made the rule that I couldn’t walk back into the house until after 11. So if that shit got cold, I better start working harder to keep warm.

Inside of 30 minutes I was sweating, and two hours later, I went from this…


To this…



With two pallets and numerous boxes of stone veneer re-stacked out by the rubble pile:


And several boxes, tarps, and bags of trash hauled out to the big barn.

The moral of this story is that sometimes you need to get off your ass and start working instead of over-thinking things. I’ll be doing a little more cleaning this afternoon, stall building tomorrow, and fence installation (ie certain electrocution) on Sunday.


Then I’m going to loll about without pants on.

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  1. I love that there is even forest green in the barn…that last owner sure got his money’s worth with that paint.

  2. Donkeydoption! Thank you for opening your heart and home to the little guys. I’m sure you’ll be fast friends in no time.

  3. No pants might be a good idea. You will probably be too sore to put them on after all that manual labor. Hopefully you and the radiator are getting along.

  4. Wowzers! Sometimes, when you want something bad enough, amazing things can happen quickly!

    Those donkeys are so lucky to find you!

  5. Just last night a friend said to me, “You are the strongest woman I’ve ever met.” While I was telling her to seek treatment for her obvious delusions, and to get out there and meet more people, I was thinking, “Psshhh … she obviously doesn’t know Kit! THAT girl is the most badass woman I ever … haven’t met.” Call me a blog stalker, but that’s a true story.

    Props to you for adopting these needy animals! They will be forever grateful, I am sure.

  6. SO excited for you. I can’t have new pets because we’re having a baby in a few months. I bought a fish tank in protest. I’m jealous of your donkeys-to-be.

  7. Happened upon your site while cruising for info on rehabbing old houses. Spent all evening reading many entries. Delightful experience! Hope all goes well with little donkeys.

  8. I am vacationing in Hawaii. And today, walking down to the beach there’s this donkey wandering around in someone’s front yard. So, because I am missing my Molly and Chester, I go over and give her a pet and find out from someone that she’s kinda the neghborhood donkey… No one knows where it came from but it just wanders around helping itself to whatever dinner and desert is available. Kinda sad actually. She needs a rescuer I think!

  9. This is gonna sound strange but in the residential neighborhood behind our old shop there was a neighborhood donkey. When we first moved into the shop I was kind of freaked out by the thing, but after awhile I realized how friendly it is. Kind of like an overgrown dog. I still stop by and pet it every time we drive by.
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    1. They are super freindly, and very social critters. Love mine to death. So excited to see your new family Kit!

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