Possibly My Life Was Stolen From Old TV Episodes

I know this is shocking, shocking to anyone who has read basically anything I’ve ever written on this website– most of which was composed under conditions of extreme exhaustion– but blogging isn’t my full-time job. It’s not even my part time job. It’s the thing I do after 10 PM (fine, after midnight) that supports my compulstve-tool-buying habit. It’s also my way of meeting awesome people through the Interwebs, of telling my stories, and of keeping myself sane. Or maybe justifying my insanity.

Either way, I actually have to get up every day and go to an actual office where I do actual things that don’t involve power tools. But I do get to work with fantastically awesome people, all of whom are very supportive of this website and the fact that sometimes I leave trails of sawdust all over our office.

So, this afternoon’s post is dedicated to one of my coworkers who is convinced that my Facebook status updates are made up from old TV episodes instead of my actual life…





“I got 99 Electrical Problems, but a Switch ain’t 1”

Effing genius.

Thank you, Colby, for exposing my plot-stealing antics to all of Facebook, and now, the entire Internet. Turns out I live in a one-bedroom flat in New York, spend all of my time painting my toenails and drinking mai tais, and all of this has been made up for entertainment purposes. Looks like the gig is up…


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  1. “Badonk-a-donks” and misogynistic electricians..
    I can’t quit laughing..

    If I had a comment like that once in a while I might actually post on my facebook.. Maybe I need to send a friend request.. and buy a flat in New York City and sit around painting my toenails whilst typing up entertainment for the world…

  2. This whole post is hilarious! Thank you for providing me with amusing break at work, and making my coworkers think I’ve finally lost it (snort-laughing at my desk is apparently frowned-upon).

  3. It is hard to giggle silently in a cubicle farm…. Pretty sure my face is beet red from trying to keep the laughter from erupting!

  4. I’m not sure what would be funnier: The fact that Colby has seen all these shows and remembers them, or the fact that he spends time researching to find the perfect fit for your situation. Either way, way to much time on his hands. But HILARIOUS!

  5. I never comment on blogs, but I just have to say that aside from how badass I think you living alone on a farm is (helps me not be such a chicken about staying at my house alone a few nights a week minutes from town), and how you’re a girl and do all the big projects on your own, what sets this blog apart and makes it my FAVORITE is that you are also doing all this on top of a real job. So glad I found it. I’ll go back to lurking now.

    1. I always love it when people de-lurk (if only for a minute)… I actually feel way better about living alone out in the country than I do near town so you might be giving me more credit than I deserve!

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